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The New Sweetener in Your Playlist – REVIEW

An honest review over Ariana Grande's new album, "Sweetener."

Chloe Grimm, Staff Writer

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Millions of Ariana Grande stans have been waiting since mid-April, when all the aesthetic teasers were being dropped on her Instagram – keep in mind that at the time, it was her first time posting since December of 2017 – for her single and hit track on her new album, “no tears left to cry.” She was preparing us for a whole new woman that we were about to hear and see in this album. 

On August 17th, Ariana Grande dropped her Sweetener album that people have been waiting for all summer. Between the few singles that she released like “the light is coming” featuring Nicki Minaj, and her infamous “God is a woman,” she gave us a feel for what was to come, but did these really showcase how good the rest of the album was rumored to be?  

Was it truly everything that she told us it would be?   

Early on, Ariana said it was going to be a deep album about going through her emotions while displaying her personal struggles throughout the year. However, that only describes two singles on the record. One example is “get well soon,” a self-care message that gives people with anxiety and other mental health issues a musical hug.  

The other would be “breathin,” a melody with powerful lyrics that encourages us to keep going, no matter how much of our energy is drained and how hard the day may seem.  

While the rest revolves around her burning love with her new hubby to be, Pete Davidson, and sexual relationships. If you listen to the album, you can tell she’s deeply in love with him from songs like “R.E.M” and most obviously, “Pete Davidson.”  

On a more positive note, the songs are beautifully written with harmonies that sound like “rainbow clouds” as described by Pharrell, who produced half of the album, and was featured on her song “blazed,” another bop that will show how heart eyes she is for her fiance. 

One of my personal favorites, “better off” is about escaping a toxic relationship, which adds to the powerful feminist tone of the album.   

I recommend this album if you want to be with your boo and dance around, or feel empowered in your womanhood. But if you were looking for songs that were going to illustrate more of Ari’s struggles, you may be disappointed.



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Chloe Grimm, Entertainment Editor
Chloe is a junior and beginning her second year on staff. She enjoys anything Harry Styles and talking about TV shows that she’s just getting into, but people have already binged watch. Netflix is her life. If she says she’s busy, she’s lying and actually watching Greys Anatomy for the 10th time.
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The New Sweetener in Your Playlist – REVIEW