Baseball Tryouts

Lauren B

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 It’s the last inning. Both teams are tense and on the edge of their seats. The score is tied, and the last batter is up. The pitcher takes a step back, turns, and throws the ball.  

Baseball season is any players favorite time of the school year. Games, tournaments, before and after school practices, and the most nerve-racking part… team tryouts. 

Every year at Papillion-Lavista High School, baseball tryouts begin in February or March. 

“In the morning, we start by jogging, stretching, and then also play catch to warm up our arms. Some mornings we pitch, field, or practice out field drills,” freshman Aidan Bakke said.  

In addition to the morning workouts, the players finish their tryouts every day after classes are over. 

“After school we also practice hitting for about 30 minutes,” sophomore Kael Guyott said. 

Most of the players trying out for the school team have had years of experience and hard work behind them.  

“I got into playing baseball just by watching others when I was younger. It looked very fun and just watching it made me want to play and try something new. I have been playing for 6 years now,” Bakke said.  

Sometimes the tiring, difficult tryouts and practices get very frustrating. 

“With all the exhausting, long days during tryouts you must keep your head up, even if something bad happens. You need to care about the whole thing and not just one play because the coaches are always watching. Give it your all until you cannot do any better,” Bakke said. 

Guyott also said to remember to have fun. It is a fun game and do not always play too serious. 

Tryouts weren’t always easy, but the student athletes are excited for what is to come this season.  

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