Mask Mania!

Looking in on teachers' opinions on masks.


Tatum Kerr, Staff Writer

People have seen them everywhere. Everyone probably has three or four, and if people don’t have at least one, everybody is silently judging them(and they totally deserve it.) What are these things? Masks of course!

As the school district starts to come back into session, many precautions are being taken to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. One of the most significant measures is students and teachers wearing masks while inside of the building. But how are masks affecting all of us on a day to day basis?

 More specifically, what are our educators thinking? Mrs. Molly Grasso, a theater teacher, has a very positive opinion on masks and wants to keep them on as they continue to help schools.

“If they’ll keep us in school, we can wear masks forever,” Grasso said.

The main consensus is that they are a good thing and regarded as the best thing we can do for ourselves and our community at the current time. Our teachers are more than happy to wear masks if they’re keeping us in school.

“It’s necessary, we need to do our part and be responsible and wear them,” Mr Shawn Blevins, a football coach and art teacher said. “I’m doing my part.”

But with a new variable in the equation like this one, there have to be ways teachers are struggling.

“Hearing people and learning names for sure,” Math Teacher Mrs. Stephanie Kimball said. 

These types of issues turned out to be common amongst teachers, making their yearly job of putting names to faces slightly more difficult. But it isn’t the end of the world and can be worked around.

“I printed out the people’s faces from the computer with their masks off,” Kimball said. 

“I try to communicate the best with kids,” Blevins said. “If I need to pull my mask down to say something, I’ll step away and do that.”

Masks can cause problems, but they are necessary for our current situation. In order to get things back to normal, we must adapt to these new conditions.

“It’s tough but it’s what we have to do,” Blevins said.

“If it means we can keep being here and keep doing stuff, then let’s do it.” Grasso said. 

Our teachers and students are struggling, but we are suffering together through this complete disaster of a year. So even if they can be annoying, let’s all be decent human beings and wear masks. Working together to stop this pandemic is the best we can do right now, so let’s continue to do our part.