Show Choir


Ivan Z., Journalism 1 student


Whoo-hoo! Yeah! … The crowd goes wild as Free Spirit goes all out in trying to end the night with a banger. Throughout the auditorium, the claps from the audience grow in volume and number as Free Spirit made their final pose. All of this is just a reminiscent of what could have of been this season. 

This school year was like no other. With the pandemic hitting hard, many schools that were scheduled to host show choir competitions had to shut it down. Many people within the show choir community were overcome with sorrow at the sound of the news. 

For many like junior David Phillips, competitions gave them the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the spotlight. 

“My favorite part of competitions is being able to perform live for an audience and just knowing all the work we put in is worth it,” said Phillips. 

For others like junior Tyler Maral, competitions is a time well spent with friends that is full of joy and laughter. 

“My favorite part of competitions is being able to perform with my friends and hanging out with them all day,” said Maral. 

However, this season’s show must go on without competitions and a live audience. The reality of this grim circumstance has left many members demoralized and in dismal. 

“It’s sad knowing that competitions have been canceled because it’s a very special feeling to be able to perform and compete in front of other schools,” said Phillips. 

But all is not lost as this season turn out to be a blessing in disguise for some. To some, this season has brought the show choir groups closer together as a family by being there for each other during the tough times. 

“This season has brought me closer to a lot of people in Free Spirit,” said Maral. “It has help me learn to not take things for granted.” 

Show choir is a group that embraces all different kinds of peoples and their personalities. Although not having competition was disheartening for many of its members, the show choirs were still able to achieve a positive and resounding impact among its members. 

“Show choir has given me a place in High School where I can just be myself and not worry about anything,” said Phillips. 

Show choir has helped many of their members gain valuable experience in working as team, being committed to a goal and helping them learn that their individually important to the success of the group. 

“Show choir has helped me become the person I am today” said Maral. “It has built my confidence and it has helped me learn to collaborate well with others.” 

Individually, each member was impacted by not having competitions in many different ways; however, this season will go down in history as one of the most unusual ones which would be talk about for many years to come.