Tennis Season 2021


Alyssa C, Journalism I Student

What better way to start off spring than to do a bunch of running and activities you’ve never thought of doing before.

Throughout the first week of March, students at PLHS tried out for tennis.

“Tennis is one of the hardest sports I’ve ever played,” freshman Tabitha Piatt said. “I tried my hardest and was very sore.”

Some people decided to try tennis for the first time, and the coaches couldn’t wait to see the new faces.

“It’s a sport that interested me,” freshman Alexis Hoang said. “I wanted to try something new.”

A lot of people who’ve never played tennis before didn’t know what to expect, and did their best to prepare.

“I told myself motivational affirmations,” Hoang said. “I also accepted I might not make the team.”

Other people that decided to try out have played tennis for years, and made sure their form was in top shape.

“I practiced with my mom,” Piatt said. “I also took clinics.”

The first day of tryouts people didn’t expect all of the hard work, but they still wanted to face the challenge.

“It was shocking because I thought it would be a lot easier,” Hoang said. “It was a lot harder but I was excited for the next day.”

Tennis isn’t just about hand movements and hand eye coordination, it’s about being aware of what could happen and being prepared for anything.

“I was a bit nervous, but more so excited,” Hoang said. “I had no experience so I decided to learn.” 

Others had been worried about different things however. Tennis only accepts around twenty girls, so being surrounded by thirty to forty other opponents can be nerve racking.

“I was nervous,” Piatt said. “I didn’t know how I would perform under pressure.”

Some students went to the tryouts with their friends, which possibly made all of the running associated with tryouts not as difficult.

“It was comforting knowing someone there,” Hoang said. “It helped me focus.”

No matter who made the team, the whole experience had been a great learning process, even for those who already knew how to play tennis.

“I learned I can improve more,” Piatt said. “And I can learn a lot more from my peers.”