Girls and Powerlifting


Madison M., Journalism 1 student

Setting the bar to the right height. Putting weight on the bar, making sure the belt is on right. Getting positioned right then unracking, 1,2,3 deep breath and squat. 

At PLHS after two years the powerlifting club is back. Since COVID began they hadn’t been able to do the powerlifting club. For senior Skye Clary she’s happy she was able to do it again this year. 

“I joined sophomore year,” Skye said. “I enjoy seeing my progress as I grow and I enjoy being around the people that are in it.” 

The powerlifting season is over, however during the season they met Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to at least 4:30. It went from December to February, with a competition each month. This year there were more girls in the club than previous years, going from three to five. 

Sophomore Alexis Hoang was one of the new girls this year.

 “I was very nervous, but it was very accomplishing and everyone was very nice,” Alexis Hoang said.  “I first wanted to join to get swole, but I really enjoyed getting to know everyone.”

Lifting for the first time can be intimidating, simply because some people can lift a lot more than others. However this should not stop anyone from at least trying. 

“Don’t be intimidated by people who lift heavier, everyone starts somewhere and you can always grow,” Alexis said.

“Don’t be afraid to try it, it may seem intimidating but it’s not and you may really like it,” Skye said.

Even though the lifting season is over, there’s still next year to look forward to.