Freshmen First Homecoming

Anna H, Journalism 1 student

Darkened room. Music blasting. Smell or perspiration and perfume in the air. Vibrations pulsing through the floor. Hundreds of people screaming the words to the music being played. This is what many PLHS students experienced when walking into the 2022 Homecoming. 

On October 1st PLHS students dressed up, took pictures, and partied the night away at the first dance of the year. Being the Freshmen’s first dance they didn’t know what to expect. Every single one had a different experience and this night will be one to never forget. 

”In the days leading up to the dance I was hoping it would be fun and not a waste of my Saturday night,”Freshman Remington Case said, ”Everyone I had talked to said the dances were boring but it was anything but.” 

Some liked the dancing, some wanted an excuse to dress up, and others went for the social interaction. 

”My favorite part about homecoming was hanging out with my friends, having fun with my date, and making memories I will remember forever,” Case said. 

”At homecoming I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and meeting and making connections with new people,” Freshman Hope Smith said. 

Most students agreed the night was fun-filled and exciting and when they think back to that night it brings a smile to their face.