Spirit Week

Destiny A , Journalism 1 Student

For most people homecoming and homecoming week are exciting things. Every day is a different theme leading up to the homecoming dance itself.  From anything but a backpack day to country club day I think there’s something fun for everyone to participate in. 

Homecoming week is a week-long event where students in their highschool dress up in different themes to celebrate their homecoming dance the following Saturday. Also following homecoming week is the homecoming football game. 

Homecoming week themes this year were dress like a relative day, country/country club day, wear pink day, anything but a backpack day and spirit wear. Everyone at Papillion-LaVista highschool was allowed to dress up for these themes. 

“The hardest theme to dress up for was anything but a backpack day because I had so many options on what to bring,” Caitlyn Anstey said. 

Anything but a backpack day was a very interesting day. Kids brought coolers, toilets, shopping carts, tires, and many other interesting things. 

“The most exciting part of the week was watching all the activities happen during the pep rally,” Laura Rorebeck said.

The pep rally is a performance by the dance team, and cheerleaders but it has many other parts to it that involve the staff and teachers. The pep rally is a way to bring everyone together to get excited for the homecoming dance. 

“I would add more fun themes because it would be cool to see people get more creative with their ideas,” Anstey said.  

People got to express creativity the most with anything but a backpack day. A lot of people went all out with what they wanted for their backpack. We also weren’t allowed to bring anything that was electric or anything living. 
Is it harder to stay focused during homecoming week? “No, it makes school more exciting and something to look forward to,” Rorebeck said. 

Staying focused in school is definitely important for good learning skills but for some students homecoming week can be stressful or even nerve racking with everything going on. Thankfully for most it is an enjoyable week that is filled with fun activities.