Lunch Changes

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Lunch Changes

Emma Higby, Features Writer

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Lunchtime, the time of day that every high school kid can’t wait for. Some students eat in the cafeteria with their close friends or in the halls by the Media Center. However, due to changes made by our administration, kids don’t have as much freedom to eat where they please as they used to.

In the 2016-2017 school year, students are restricted to only having food in the cafeteria, whereas last year they could eat in the pits or in different locations throughout the building. The student body has generally the same opinion, which is vastly different from the administration.

Throughout the grade levels, the opinions on the changes are fairly similar. Some students feel very strongly about the changes.

“I hate it because we don’t have as much freedom as we used to and there’s little room,” sophomore Zach Manning said.

The students feel as if they’re restricted to only certain places to eat when they want more freedom. Some students have some ideas of their own.

“They should allow the seniors open campus, that would be amazing,” senior Preston Anderson said.

The students differ in their opinions about the overlapping of lunches. Second lunch starts before the end of first lunch, and the same with third and fourth lunches.

“I think it’s good because we get a chance to see our friends who aren’t in our lunch,” Manning said.

The staff of PLHS have different opinions about the changes. Head Principal Jerry Kalina explains the technicalities behind the blocking.

“One reason is increased enrollment,” Kalina said. “Plus we needed to get control of the fine arts area, we had about 200 kids who were eating down there. We also had an issue with bugs over the summer. Those are the main reasons we had to make the switch.”

Security guard Joshua Reposa gives a little insight as to what actually happens after lunch and the students are in class.

“There’s a lot less garbage,” Reposa said. “It’s nice to have the students confined to one spot and not have free range over the pits.”

There is in fact, hope for the pits to be reopened sometime in the near future according to the administration.

“Our building max is 1,800 and we are now just a little over 1,700 students,” Reposa said. “If the numbers keep increasing we may have to reopen [the pits].”

Overall, the lunch changes in effect seem to be permanent now, but may only last for this school year. School lunch now is the only time students can be as loud as they want, so make sure you enjoy it.

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