Later Start Time for School

An hour of extra sleep could benefit students everywhere.

Alex Manning, Staff Writer

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Just five more minutes… or an hour

Think of all the times that you have hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and turned back into bed for just 5 extra minutes of sleep. Those 5 minutes can be very valuable, but imagine if you got one to two hours of extra sleep every morning.

If school started a few hours later each day, there would be many benefits. 

School starting later in the day would allow students to get extra sleep, resulting in more energy, and overall better performance in school. Late start has been proven to boost students’ test and overall grades.

Colby College economist, Finley Edwards, found that a one hour delay in start time increased math and reading test scores by three percentile points. This just goes to show how one hour of extra sleep can result in a better test grade, so imagine what could happen over an extended period of time. 

If schools were to start at a later time, then the sleep gained would increase students’ health and attendance.

Students might use drowsiness as an excuse to stay home, causing absences that could be prevented. Absences at a school in Bonneville County, Idaho dropped by 15% in 2014 after switching to a later start time. 

Having a later start time would also result in a safer community. If a student were to stay up late working on school work and had to wake up early the next day, then they would be less aware and very groggy in the morning. If the student happens to drive to school, then he or she would pose a possible car crash risk. 

The stress load of students would decrease immensely, as well as helping them become more alert in class. This would allow them to remember more that they learned in class, making out of class assignments less stressful. Without a teacher available at home, the time spent in class is very valuable. 

Overall, school starting later in the day would create a safer environment and students would perform better in the classroom. There would be an increase in grades and everyone would get more sleep. After all, who wouldn’t want a few hours of extra sleep every morning?

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