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A Long Overdue Star Wars Preview

Here is a very delayed preview of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi which comes out Dec. 15th.

2017 @ Lucas Films LTD

Billy Broderick, Staff Writer

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Wow. After watching the multiple teasers and trailers for this movie I’ve come to one main conclusion – there are so many questions Star Wars: The Last Jedi must answer. Who are Rey’s parents? Who is Snoke? And is Finn force-sensitive? Man, oh man, this movie has such great potential.

The official trailer is filled with a ton of scenes like the fiery Phasma vs. Finn fight, Chewy flying the Millennium Falcon with his new little bird-type buddy (really not sure what that thing is supposed to be, but I love it), and Kylo Ren overlooking an absolutely HUMONGOUS hangar filled with tons of First Order vehicles with some pretty ominous dialogue played in the back.

I’m absolutely ecstatic that it seems Phasma is going to have a real role in this film. I feel she was cheated in The Force Awakens and really deserved a greater act than what she got. I keep crossing my fingers hoping she actually lives up to the potential she has.


2017 @ Lucas Films LTD.
Phasma and Finn fight on, what appears to be, a large battleground.

2017 @ Lucas Films LTD.
Finn looks on with an indignant look on his face.



A Breif history of Star Wars



There’s really two main points of this trailer that stick out to me. The first one is Rey training with Luke and Rey does some classic lightsaber bit and then somehow the ground beneath her cracks. Luke then mentions to her that he’s only seen “raw strength”, which seems to be mentioned a lot throughout the trailer. Once before then, it cuts to a shot of his hand reaching up from a pile of embers and rubble only to move on to another shot where, Luke seems to be standing in front of a burning building.

2017 @ Lucas Films LTD.
R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker stare at burning ruins.

2017 @ Lucas Films LTD.
Luke’s robotic hand reaches up from a pile of rubble.



This has to excite everyone who’s seen the trailer because we all know what it is: the Jedi temple Kylo destroyed. That means backstories on backstories on backstories. I’m praying that we’re finally going to learn who Rey is, who Snoke is, and what Master Skywalker has been up to since we last saw him on the forest moon of Endoor.

The other scene that really catches my attention is Kylo Ren narrating that you need to “let the past die” while flying around in what seems to be some sort of space battle. Then all of a sudden, Boom! The voice stops talking, music stops playing, and the only thing you can hear is Kylo’s ship beeping to target what seems to be the ship his mother, Princess Leia, is on. Then it’s just two blank stares between Leia and Kylo, most likely calling out to each other through the force before Kylo blows the ship to smithereens, or flies away in shame because he can’t pull the trigger. I guess we’ll have to see the movie to find out.

I also whole-heartedly love how they show a part of the movie where Kylo Ren is leading a battalion of storm troopers through a cave, or maybe temple, or whatever it is. The scene is literally a reflection of when Anakin Skywalker is leading the 501st legion of clone troopers into the Jedi temple. I’m sure that’s exactly what the director what going for. Bravo, Rian Johnson.

Another thing all the trailers do well is incorporate the music brilliantly. All the symphonies, new and old, correlate perfectly with the scenes. They go from eerie bell tunes at the start to the suspenseful horn being played to Kylo’s theme while he’s flying all so smoothly.



The only bad part about this trailer is that it is very much set up to misdirect us like most trailers are. You never really get to see two characters talking directly to each other except for when Snoke is torturing Rey with the force. That’s why it’s hard to trust any of the scenes, such as the ending of the trailer where it’s made to look like Rey is telling Kylo to “Show me my place in all this.” I’d put money down that at no point in the movie Rey calls out for help from the dark side just because that’ll defeat the whole purpose of the character she is supposed to be.

I cannot wait for December 15th. I love the new angle the new trilogy is bringing to the Star Wars universe, the new characters, planets, vehicles, you name it. It can really grab the attention of all the old Star Wars fans unlike the prequels. They weren’t absolutely horrendous in my opinion, but the only good thing that came from them was the cartoon show that branched off from Episode II.

Ever since I saw the first teaser of The Force Awakens I’ve been itching to see the final trilogy. It may only be the second of the set of three, but boy are we in for a ride! So many old questions are going to be answered along with new ones being asked. You already know where I will be December 15th at midnight. Until then, may the force be with you.

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A Long Overdue Star Wars Preview