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Fear in the Fast Lane

Valuable lessons can be learned from prior mistakes made on the road, reminding students how important it is to pay attention while driving.

Junior Riley Kendall poses next to her car after a short drive

Junior Riley Kendall poses next to her car after a short drive

Emma Betts

Emma Betts

Junior Riley Kendall poses next to her car after a short drive

Emma Betts, Staff Writer

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To students, a driver’s license leads to additional freedom and possibilities that they have been waiting on for what feels like an eternity. With obtaining this liberty, they begin to gain independence, inching closer to adulthood. 

Although it leads to more opportunities, for senior Lauren Lafond it was nerve-wracking when first learning the rules of the road.  

“I actually hated driving,” Lafond said. “I only learned to drive a month before I was sixteen because I was so scared.” 

So many factors play into driving and you always have to give your full attention while behind the wheel. 

“I just got into a car crash because I was looking down at my phone to change the song and when I looked up everyone had stopped,” Lafond said. “I slammed on my brakes, but it was too late and I rear-ended the person in front of me.” 

In the blink of an eye, lives can be put in danger. 

“The airbag burnt my hand and the steering wheel cut my leg,” Lafond said.  

Thankfully no serious injuries occurred during this accident, but both vehicles were damaged.    

“I totaled my car when I rear-ended the person and I have scratched the side of my car on a pole before,” Lafond said.  

With these accidents come life lessons that will teach young drivers how crucial it is to pay attention while on the road. 

“I felt very dumb because they were both stupid mistakes that were my fault,” Lafond said.  

Another student, junior Riley Kendall, has also been a victim of a horrifying car accident.  

“When I got [my] car, my uncle had to fix a lot of the parts and the brakes didn’t work very well,” Kendall said.  

These obstacles played a major role in some of the troubles Kendall experienced later on the road. 

“I rear-ended someone on the interstate from a ladder falling off of a truck in front of me,” Kendall said.  “I also accidentally drove on a curb and scratched the bottom of my car on a rock.” 


Being less experienced, you encounter problems you don’t know how to handle.”

— Lauren Lafond

Following these accidents, Kendall was scared to drive alone.  

“Being less experienced, you encounter problems you don’t know how to handle,” Lafond said. 

It is critical for drivers lacking experience behind the wheel to pay more attention while on the road.  

Distracted driving can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Students need to learn to put down their devices and limit their distractions because once the damage is done, it cannot be reversed.  

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