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Things Students are Tired of Hearing

Cartoon by David O'Connell

Cartoon by David O'Connell

Cartoon by David O'Connell

Opinion By Elizabeth Eidem, Staff Writer

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High school is a melting pot for ideas and phrases. An original thought does not seem to exist, students adopt others’ phrases and they not only stick, but spread like wildfire.  

Inspired by social media, a few things stood out to me that students are definitely tired of hearing.  

“No offense” or “Not to be rude” is always followed by a rude or offensive comment, so these should otherwise not be used. Similarly, saying “Not to be dramatic” is normally followed by something overly dramatic and sometimes, overly pointless.  

“Bet” and “You won’t” also find their way into the high school halls and it has become a way for students to easily call their peers a coward.  

“Vape god” has gained frequency as vaping in and out of school has unfortunately gained popularity. Other phrases also exist but the unhealthy vaping habit is spreading throughout high schools, so be sure to look out for our take on vaping in our December Scepter issue.  

Trolling the internet and I can see that there is one reoccurring caption: Saturdays are for the boys. This saying and caption has taken over the ‘gram and has even transformed into a caption for everything; Tuesdays are for the girls, Wednesdays are for the pink shirts, Sundays are for seniors.  

Just when you thought the hashtag was #over, you should #thinkagain. The use of hashtags has been long overused and the question remains: when will middle aged moms let them die?  

Hashtags and cliches like “time flies when you’re having fun” are not only used by adults everywhere, but can still be seen as go-to Instagram captions. We have heard it hundreds of times before so what is another time, right? Turns out, time will just fly by regardless.  

I don’t understand the ongoing popularity of “lowkey.” I get that it’s a lot simpler than saying “to the lowest degree” but “lowkey” should somehow be replaced. 

Students all over the high school halls are tired of hearing certain phrases, but they help to make the high school atmosphere more unique. Pretty lit, fam.  

Which overused phrase are you most tired of hearing?

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