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You RaiseMe Up

RaiseMe is an innovative and groundbreaking app that allows students to track the micro scholarships they earn through academic and extracurricular achievements.

Easy steps to use the RaiseMe app.

Easy steps to use the RaiseMe app.

Easy steps to use the RaiseMe app.

Review By Kaylen Maltais, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

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When we were younger, dreams of the Boogeyman and of monsters chomping on our toes from beneath the bed while we slept kept us up in a cold sweat, but now that we’re older, our rampant imagination is no longer what makes us bite our nails and hang our heads in dread. Instead, we cower and tremble at the thought of a bigger, scarier monster: college debt.  

When we were younger, we had the warm embrace of our parents or the fuzzy paw of our beloved teddy bear gripped tightly in our hands to help face our fantastical nightmares. However, as we have aged, and our various beasts have become more realistic and costly, it seems that our armory of defenses has decreased, even disappearing entirely.  

Have no fear though, my ducklings, for I have discovered a marvelous tool to aid us in our terribly expensive college endeavors. It is called RaiseMe. This marvelous app helps high school students all across the nation track the money, or micro scholarships, that they’re already earning from various colleges just by joining a club or getting to class on time.  

RaiseMe was developed in 2012 by a small team-based company in San Francisco, California. Its mission has been “to make scholarships more transparent, predictable, and motivational for students and their families” by partnering up with colleges and high schools all over the nation. Since its start, RaiseMe has been awarded the 2013 College Knowledge Challenge Award and the 2013 Education Innovation Summit Venture Award, and is now partnered with over 225 colleges including the University of Iowa, Creighton University, the University of South Dakota and the University of Kansas. 

RaiseMe is centered around the concept of micro scholarships, which are earned quanta of money given to students through the financial aid provided by the school of which they’ve been accepted. RaiseMe records this quantity and continues to as it grows, which allows students to visually track the amount of money they would receive based on their accomplishments within academia, extracurricular activities, and the community.  

RaiseMe is available as a website and an app which can be purchased for free in the App Store. Once you create an account online or on the mobile app, it works quite simply with three easy steps designed specifically to showcase your unique resume as a high school student.  

First, you will add your “achievements” which include your course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities, work hours, and more to your personalized portfolio. 

Then, my favorite part, you will earn scholarships based on the information you insert into your “portfolio” that you’ll be awarded when you attend that college. 

Finally, you can follow colleges you wish to learn more about and find a college that best suits you.  

RaiseMe doesn’t just cater to students either; it provides uniquely designed platforms to help educators and counselors steer their students towards a successful future.  

It provides a Classroom Guide, a Rollout Guide, and a Parent Letter to help introduce a proactive journey towards a post-secondary education. It also provides tools to aid educators in tracking their students’ success in and out of the classroom to better help them earn every dollar possible, and ultimately succeed.  

RaiseMe is an innovative app that makes college tangible for students who may struggle financially, are uncertain of their future, or are already feeling completely squashed by the looming cloud of college debt.  

Just by entering my grades from last year and this past quarter, I have already earned $4,000 from my first-choice college, so just imagine what you could be earning right now! 

Don’t let those countless hours of daunting practices and rehearsals go unrewarded. Don’t let all of the sleep you lost to relentlessly studying go to waste. Don’t let all of your hard work in high school stand for nothing. Be proactive about your future and give yourself the chance to see how far your determination and achievements have taken you. You deserve it. 


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