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He Put a Ring on It

PLHS couple, Mr. Boyd and Ms. Levin, have recently gotten engaged.

Mr. Boyd proposes to Ms. Levin on a bridge downtown.

Mr. Boyd proposes to Ms. Levin on a bridge downtown.

Mr. Boyd proposes to Ms. Levin on a bridge downtown.

Tatum Jorgensen, Staff Writer

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Imagine you are out on the town with your significant other and some close friends, just like any other night, and just as the night is coming to an end, they get down on one knee to ask you the question of a lifetime.  This dream has become a reality for one happy PLHS couple. 

Math teacher Mr. Patrick Boyd and art teacher Ms. Jessica Levin recently became engaged and plan to get married on June 8, 2018. 

Boyd proposed and surprised Levin as she had no idea it was coming. 

“We were downtown with Mrs. Kapalka and her husband and they had it all planned out,” Levin said. “We were looking at Christmas lights, and on [the] bridge, that’s where it happened.  It was a complete surprise” 

Sophomore Kourtney Pierce is close with both, as Levin was her cheerleading coach last year and Boyd is her geometry teacher this year. She noticed how well their personalities worked together. 

“Before I knew them, I noticed how their personalities were similar,” Pierce said. “I hadn’t thought of them together, but once I found out, I knew their relationship would work out.” 

Although they are obviously meant to be, it wasn’t love at first sight. 

“We went to high school together, but we weren’t high school sweethearts; we didn’t date,” Levin said. “We connected through coaching and teaching.” 

Students are very supportive of their relationship and cheer them on. 

“I’m really happy for the two of them,” Pierce said. “I think they’re really good together.” 

Even Levin can’t deny their undeniable compatibility. 

“I always knew Boyd was a great guy, and we get along so well,” Levin said. “We have the same interests and same schedule. He’s just a good guy.” 

Here’s to the happy couple! Congrats to Mr. Boyd and Ms. Levin on their engagement! 

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About the Writer
Tatum Jorgensen, entertainment editor

Tatum is a junior on staff for her second year, and is now acting as Entertainment Editor. She is involved in dance team, Circle of Friends, and HOSA.

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