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Bubbles, Suds, and Poison Control?

The consumption of Tide Pods has become a dangerous (and mind-boggling) nation-wide trend among teens.

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Bubbles, Suds, and Poison Control?

OPINION BY Chloe Grimm, Entertainment Editor

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Every other week there seems to be a new “challenge” that takes social media by storm, and by now we should know how influential it can be when encouraging others to partake in these challenges.  

Some challenges are used as a platform for promoting awareness, or raising money for a cause, like the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Many are harmless and truly for entertainment, like the water bottle flipping challenge. However, there have been some in the past that were potentially very dangerous to the participants, like the cinnamon challenge – which could lead to choking and death – or the salt and ice challenge that could burn you.  

Personally, I thought our generation was done with doing idiotic challenges to get famous on the Internet. Nope, not at all. Enter the newest, and possibly most dangerous, challenge on social media. 

It’s not confirmed how the outbreak started, but there had to have been some imbecile looking at a container of Tide Pods who came up with the idiotic notion that putting the toxic, poisonous substance, used for washing clothes in one’s mouth was a great way to gain Internet immortality. This horrible concept has devolved into a video fad known as the “Tide Pod Challenge.”

To call it foolish behavior would be an understatement, but even still, teenagers, that I must shamefully claim to be in the same generation as, accepted the challenge. 

According the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there were 39 cases in the beginning of January in which teenagers were exposed to detergent packets.  

I guess to be clear for those of you who might be foreign to the concept of common sense: you should not eat them.  

Tide Pods are now the 2018 break out meme, but believe it or not, most places aren’t taking it as a joke. There have been pictures of stores everywhere locking up Tide products in fear of consumption.  

I was truly looking forward to new and exciting trends that were coming our way in 2018 to share with everyone, but instead I’m writing this… a warning NOT to eat laundry detergent.  

So, do your friend a favor and caution them against eating those pesky little Tide Pods that, I guess, must resemble candy so much. Hopefully we move on to the next trend even quicker than we usually do.





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Bubbles, Suds, and Poison Control?