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2018 Academic Excellence Award

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2018 Academic Excellence Award

Kennedy Sautter, Editor-In-Chief of PlPulse

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“[su_pullquote]”I think my best advice for students is to work hard and don’t get scared off by the rumors of these classes,” Burton said. “They are hard yes, but if you genuinely put in the effort, you can do well.”[/su_pullquote]”

The PLHS Academic Excellence Award ceremony took place this Thursday, February 21st, as hardworking juniors and seniors earned the lettering in academics.

The PLHS Academic Excellence Award is a specific accomplishment that requires juniors and seniors to take at least one honors or above class, and have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher. Not only is this award hard for work for during the junior and senior year, but also, the student must have strived for high grades during their lower classman years.

“The award is for getting a 4.0 GPA while taking harder classes,” senior Cameron Burton said. “The GPA has to be cumulative too, so you have to work hard all throughout your high school years.”

In these years the student must work through long nights of studying and the mental strain of test anxiety that is enough to push people over the edge, and while most students will only take a few odd honors classes, some go beyond the bar and take a full lineup of rigorous AP and honors classes that will push them to their limits and beyond.

“I’m taking about 5 higher classes my senior year,” Burton said. “That’s 3 AP classes and 2 honors with a full schedule in my senior year.”

The Academic Excellence award is only handed out to around 100 juniors and seniors per year due to the requirements needed to be given the award. Though these numbers are on the rise due to the popularity and sheer quantity of both honors and AP classes that PLHS offers.

“I think my best advice for students is to work hard and don’t get scared off by the rumors of these classes,” Burton said. “They are hard yes, but if you genuinely put in the effort, you can do well.”

Through all the long nights of hard study, support is needed in order to keep awake and get rest as parents and friends are necessary in order to keep grades up, such as giving them coffee or just being there to talk. Those that surround students are key to them succeeding in the school environment.

“I don’t really rely on my friends that often,” Burton said. “Though I do rely on my family very often, they help me out really often and in every way possible.”

While the stress of honors and AP classes may seem scary to some, they can be extremely rewarding. With hard work and dedication, the rigor that is apparent in these classes can become easier and then the 4.0 requirement will not seem too out-of-reach.

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Kennedy Sautter, PlPulse Editor-in-chief

Kennedy is a 2nd year staff member, and is the Editor-in-chief for the PlPulse. Kennedy enjoys playing video games and watching movies. Kennedy is a senior...

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