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Top Ten Olympic Moments

The United States' Women's hockey team wins the gold against Canada 3-2. It was their first win against the rivals in 20 years.

The United States' Women's hockey team wins the gold against Canada 3-2. It was their first win against the rivals in 20 years.

Harry How/ Getty Images

Harry How/ Getty Images

The United States' Women's hockey team wins the gold against Canada 3-2. It was their first win against the rivals in 20 years.

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Snowboarders flip midair. Ice skaters twirl in unison to music. Countries who hate each other’s politics must come together for seventeen days. All around, the Winter Olympics are unique to every other sporting event. Naturally, the two weeks are packed with moments, exciting or just strange. Here are the top ten of 2018!

1. Shirtless in 23 degrees Fahrenheit 

While every proud delegate graced the stage in the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremony, beaming in their winter uniforms, Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua dance out of the door…shirtless…covered in coconut oil. He had a point; Taufatofua was in his island’s traditional outfit, celebrating his country’s culture in the only strange way he could: risking catching pneumonia to wear a hula skirt. 

2. The North Korean cheerleaders. 

Along with North Korea’s delegation to the Winter Olympics came a grand total of 229 female cheerleaders. All wearing the same red uniform and perfectly synchronizing every move, the cheer squad caught the eye of the whole world. Why wouldn’t they? There is nothing else quite like their surreal, unison swaying and “La, la la’s.”

Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images
U.S. cross-country skier Jessica Diggins after winning team gold in the women’s cross-country team sprint free final. She won by barely the length of a ski.

3. America’s  first gold in Women’s Cross-Country skiing  

Everyone knew Norway, the winter game giants, would win the cross-country skiing category. However, suddenly, the United States’ Jessie Diggins was neck and neck with Norway, practically jumping up the hill with everything she had. The crowd was in shock, the commentators were yelling and then America won its first gold ever in Women’s Cross-Country. 

4. American Quadruple gold in snowboarding 

Team USA is known to dominate in Olympic snowboarding. This year was the perfect example as the United States won gold in four snowboarding categories. Olympic returners Jamie Anderson and Shawn White won first place in the Women’s slope-style and Men’s Half-pipe, respectively. Along with these reigning champions were two rookies: teenage phenomenons Red Gerard and Chloe Kim, both only seventeen. Gerard won the United States’ first gold of the year in Slope-style and Kim won in Half-pipe.

5. US Men’s curling team wins their first gold ever 

Ever since this strange sport’s introduction to the Olympics, curling has never been the United States’ cup of tea. But the American team mainly from Minnesota finally slid their way into their first gold. For their crowning moment, they were accidentally given the Women’s Curling medals, but eventually all was sorted out and they went home with their prize. 

Getty Images
Alina Zagitova skates past reigning champion of Russia and training partner Evgenia Medvedeva for Women’s Singles Gold. She won by only over a one point difference.

6. Women’s Ice Skating rival showdown 

Nothing excites Olympics fans more than a good rival story. Two Olympic athletes from Russia, 18-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva and successful 15-year-old newcomer Alina Zagitova were the favorites for the gold – as well as training mates. After rivaling in past competitions while practicing with each other everyday, the whole world was excited to see who would best the other. In the end, they both gave stunning performances, but Zagitova won gold by just over a one-point difference. As for Medvedeva, at least silver at the Olympics is nothing to cry about. 

7. Ester Ledecka’s gold medals in two different sports 

Czech snowboarder Ester Ledecka made history as the winner of two gold medals in skiing and in snowboarding. This has not happened at the Winter Olympics in 90 years, and never with snowboarding and skiing. Ledecka surprised everyone, including herself at the Ski Slalom run, after winning by one one-hundredth of a second.  

8. Kim Jong Un’s sister comes to the Opening Ceremony 

Since most of the world is fairly displeased with the infamous leaders of the North Korean regime, there was only one diplomat to send to the games: Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. No one knew her before, so no one could hate her. In fact, the world was excited to meet her, curious about who she was and her charismatic demeanor. She may have made the regime look rosy now, but it is hard to shake their “Nuclear Threat with a Possibly Insane Leader” reputation. 

9. US Women’s hockey team beats the Canadians 

For the first time in 20 years, the famous rivalry took a shocking turn as the US Women’s hockey team beat Canada. After going into overtime Team USA player Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson shot a tricky goal that untied the game. The team will now probably spend the time before the next Olympics forgetting about the last 20 years and bragging like there is no tomorrow. 

10. North and South Korea parade together 

Possibly the most historic event of this year’s Olympics, Heated enemies North and South Korea came together in the Parade of Nations under one flag. The white flag, symbolizing peace, displayed a blue outline of the entire Korean peninsula, in hopes that one day it would be a unified country. Whether one finds it inspiring or naïve, most everyone can assume those athletes probably felt very awkward next to each other. 

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