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Laying-Up Success

Reaching new heights this season, the girls basketball team looks to extend their success into the state tournament.

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Laying-Up Success

Mollee Swift, Design Editor

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Seven years: the time that has divided the girls’ basketball team from earning the chance to compete with seven other teams in the state for a championship. This year, the team hit the ground running with a mindset that propelled them right into the state tournament.

Sophomore shooting guard Olivia Boudreau played a large part in such mentality. 

“Our goal was to have fun and take one game at a time,” Boudreau said. “We clicked as a team in the first couple of games.” 

The team has successfully maintained their original plans from the beginning of the year: ones that have prevented a single player from running the whole show.  

“We have a talented squad, but in the end, it does not come down to one player,” junior guard Mercy Milliken said. “It is what we are able to do together as a team.” 

A count of 18 wins coming off the District Championship game marks the girls’ best record of the three years under head coach Josh Siske. 

“Our girls have put in a lot of hard work and became a team that cares about playing for each other,” Siske said. “These two things have led to our success.” 

With such lengths already met, it is important to the team to continue their effort for the upcoming state tournament game. 

“In 2011, our school lost in the first round of the state tournament and that is not what this year’s team is about,” Milliken said. “We are ready to step foot on the court with 110% effort.” 

Come out and support our girls at 3:45 pm tomorrow as they take on the Lincoln East Spartans at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

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