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A Proposal to End Prom Proposals

Prom proposals are more superfluous than romantic.

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A Proposal to End Prom Proposals

OPINION BY Kaylen Maltais, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

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Five ping pong balls, five clay pigeons, five chocolate bars, five balloons, and five giant posters. What do these all have in common? One question: Prom? 

With the annual junior and senior prom just around the corner, our hallways, driveways, cafeteria, and social media timelines will soon be littered with various prom proposals, ranging from the ridiculously extravagant to the painfully cheesy.  

Now, many students tolerate the excessive displays of puns marked in obnoxious Crayola marker, some even gush over all the flimsily made posters and Dollar Tree teddy bears. I, however, fall into the severely unpopular category of those who just don’t get why people put in so much effort and materials in the recent craft-table trend of prom proposals. 

I mean, why waste a perfectly good stack of post-it notes for a question you could just, well, ask? Think of all the trees that died for you to ask one, four letter question! Consider all the teddy bears laying discarded and abandoned underneath a bed somewhere when they could be in the arms of a doting child! Not to mention the fact that our school doesn’t even recycle, so all that time spent grueling over this display of “affection” will just end up rotting away in a foul-smelling land fill for the rest of eternity. 

Is this dramatic? Yes, but one could argue that filling someone’s entire car with balloons is too. 

Now, some may say that by axing prom proposals we are, in a sense, killing the romance, but let me ask you this: what is so romantic about duct-taping a box of Swedish Fish to a trifold? I understand that it is the gesture that matters, but in this case, besides the act of asking (which I am all for), the only “gesture” taking place is attaching a box to a piece of paper. I’m practically swooning… 

I guess then, the only reason left to keep up this Michael’s sponsored charade would be the assumption that it is weird to just ask, but is it? When you stand there, clutching your sign, you’re going to verbally ask anyways, so why hide behind the paint, posters, and word play? Not only does it waste time, but these proposals take away from the sincerity of the actual question. It takes more guts, and as a result is more impressive, when someone can, without any games or cutesy puns, sincerely ask to spend time with another, which is essentially what you’re asking. 

It will never be the poster that makes someone’s heart flutter. It will be the question, the genuine interest shown by candidly asking, so cap the marker, save a tree, and just ask.  

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A Proposal to End Prom Proposals