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Coffee Showdown

In a battle between Starbucks and Scooters which one comes out on top? Decide after reading this.

photo illustration by: Kennedy Sautter

photo illustration by: Kennedy Sautter

photo illustration by: Kennedy Sautter

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Ladies and gents welcome to the PlPulse’s Coffee Showdown!

In this corner we have this years scepter member and staff writer – Lissa Lafond!

And you know him from the videos, give it up for the titan of tech – Trevor Lewis!

Lets get ready to rumble!

When you think of the most delicious and easy to acquire coffee, your first thought is probably Starbucks. Why? It’s the best, especially when compared to Scooters. Starbucks has proved its coffee superior because it is across the world in 62 countries, not just in the Midwest. It got there with its special roasting and brewing. There’s even a store in Tokyo, so you can get your favorite coffee drink in most places you travel, or when walking into almost any grocery or book store. 

Some may say the lines are too long, but it is worth the wait. Why do you think so many people are in line in the first place? As for the complicated drink orders, some people prefer a Grande skinny white chocolate latte with soy milk and no foam, while others enjoy plan black coffee; there’s something for everyone. Plus, saying that long and fancy order without stuttering is satisfying. Starbucks is still the perfect place even if you don’t like coffee. Luckily, for non-coffee lovers, there are Frappuccino’s and the very successful Starbuck-owned tea company, Teavana.

If you want overpriced, simplistic coffee, you can find that at Scooters. 

Starbucks is perfect for any time of the day. If you need breakfast, you can get a pastry; if you need lunch, you can get a sandwich; if you want desert, there is the original cake pop. In the winter, they have the perfect hot latte, and in the summer, you can enjoy a refreshing iced tea or a “pinkity drinkity” (as known in pop culture by any James Charles fans).   

Choosing Starbucks over Scooters just makes sense. After all, why would you choose the best coffee in Nebraska (maybe) when you can choose the best coffee in the world from the most successful coffee company?

Okay let me be clear on one point, Scooters is way better than Starbucks will ever be. Just because a few random dudes were able to found a coffee shop and name it after some random literary character (Starbuck was the chief mate aboard the Pequod in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”) and franchise the daylights out of it, does not mean that it should beat out the good old American Dream. Scooters was founded out of the heart of the United States in Bellevue Nebraska, it was named after the owners daughter who was nicknamed “Scooter”. Just based off of merit as a starting company, Scooters wins by a very wide margin.

Let’s talk about actual product now shall we? Starbucks offers a coffee that is way over complicated that comes in a cup that have foreign names. We have all been in the line and asked for a large and gotten the disapproving look and the question of “don’t you mean a treinta?” and that just stinks for all involved. You can almost chew on the sugar with how sweet they make their coffee products. I, for one, am confused with the amount of brands that they have goin on up in their stores, I thought I was getting Starbucks but I get handed something that says Teavana, and I have no clue what the heck is going on. No thank you, I will stick to blue collar delicious scooters coffee.

Scooters has such a variety of products that will change almost anyone’s mind about going to a coffeehouse. Have any of yall heard of the vertigo smoothie? It is red bull in a delicious smoothie, it will allow you to get energy and to enjoy what you are drinking. They are creating ways for you to get awake with a good flavor and not just drink some nasty sludge just for the results. And all of this is coming from a dude who hated coffee until his sister gave him the magical elixir that is the scooters daydreamer, yall gots to try that.

I think that I have made my case clear and have presented some very valuable facts that will persuade everyone to give the best coffee in Nebraska a try. Maybe we can create a strong enough campaign to make the lines at scooters the same length as the overrated Starbucks

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Coffee Showdown