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Infinity (Review) Wars

A review of the instant classic Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Marvel infinity wars logo.

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Marvel infinity wars logo.

Avery Wagoner, Staff Writer

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While the Avengers have been busy dodging Thanos, students have been dodging infinity war spoilers. The school has been full of whispering huddles of those lucky enough to have already seen it, and huddles of those working to avoid them. While the movie made many people upset, it has a great storyline that’s unique and keeps you watching until the end. Today I will discuss the ups and downs of this cinematic masterpiece. 

Logically, let us start at the beginning, of the universe. The story goes that the big bang released six Concentrated stones of power, the infinity stones. They were distributed across the universe. While in the past powerful creatures had successfully wielded a single stone, never had anyone held the power of two, let alone all six. But this is exactly Thanos’ goal. While his overall goal was to wipe out half of all life in the universe, he is one of the few villains that has a mission intended for good. Most bad guys are conscious that they are the villain, however throughout the film Thanos insists that he is doing the right thing. While his heart is in the right place, he is going about it the wrong way. 

While the villain is interesting so are the many complex intersecting storylines. Many people were wondering how the directors were going to fit all these heroes into one two-and-a-half-hour movie. The answer to that question is, beautifully. The movie had great connections between the avengers and the guardians of the galaxy we all know and love. The way they met was believable and led to a beautiful story of the universe’s best-known heroes working together to save it, even if Starlord and Ironman got off on the wrong foot. The Avengers focus on keeping the time stone, in the possession of Dr. Strange safe, while the guardians try to keep Thanos from finding the final infinity stone. Then a small group including Groot, Rocket, and Thor work on acquiring a weapon that is capable of killing the great beast known as Thanos.  

It all worked together to create this masterpiece of a motion picture that the whole family will love. While the movie is a bit of rollercoaster of emotions, it’s one that I didn’t mind riding. The ups and downs all wrap up to create a marvelous story. 





If you are still reading, then you have probably seen this work of art. Since that is the case, here comes the Infinity War spoilers. The movie was great but came with a questionable decision: one, being the amount of people that died. Not only did Marvel kill off Gamora, but Thanos ended up winning which entailed certain death for over half of the marvel super hero roster.  

Included in those destroyed by Thanos, were two fan favorites, Spiderman and Groot. That’s right they killed Groot again! Apparently, the ocean of tears that filled the theaters when Groot died the first time wasn’t enough for Marvel. The death of our favorite moody tree-teen (pun intended), heavily affected those in theaters witnessed it for the second time. 

Another segment that had fans weeping was the death of Vision. In infinity War, we get to see what became of the weird relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision. The movie explains that in the gap of time between Infinity War and Age of Ultron, the two had been meeting in secret, one day at a time. This secret love was not to be. Vision is in possession of the mind stone which is what keeps him alive. Without the mind stone vision would die since ultimately, he is only an AI. The avengers that remain on Earth decide the best course of action would to remove the stone safely, keeping vision intact, and destroying it. Scarlet Witch is the only one with the power to destroy the stone. While the team tries as hard as they can to save vision and remove the stone, it doesn’t work out. Scarlet is forced to destroy the man she loves to save the universe. This wasn’t enough for Marvel though, so they made it where Thanos could revive Vision with the time stone, previously in possession of doctor strange, just to kill him again by removing the stone. That’s cold Marvel. 

Overall, the movie was very well made and followed the comics, to the relief of many fans, clearly. Infinity War may have made many viewers cry, but all good movies provoke tears. The movie was a great combination between the heroes of the universe and the true love between many characters. Now we must wait together for the promised return of Thanos. 


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Avery Wagoner, PLPulse Design Editor

Junior Avery Wagoner is on her second year on staff, and is now acting as PLPulse Design Editor. She loves elephants and making other people happy.

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Infinity (Review) Wars