An Incredi-bell Year

Were the bell changes this year really as bad as we thought?

OPINION BY Alex Manning, Staff Writer

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The confusion everyone felt on the first day of school when they heard the new bell has not completely faded away. It, of course, has caused a few issues throughout the year, but has the change really been all that bad? 

The main cause of confusion was the sudden change of the bells from previous years. They came with no announcement, and everyone just had to get used to them. For freshmen, the transition might not have been as abrupt, because they were not as accustomed to the bells the school used beforehand. However, it still was not an easy obstacle to overcome. 

Another way the bells caught everyone off guard was how similar the tardy bells sounded to the minute bells. For one, it was difficult to differentiate the two bells, resulting in students believing they still had time to get to class even after the tardy bell rang. Some of my teachers occasionally started class early or late, because they thought the minute bell was the tardy bell, or vice versa. 

Although, the bell changes never truly bothered me. The worst way they affected me was by making me think class started earlier than it did. However, that wasn’t a big issue, because I don’t make many stops in between passing periods. Instead, I tend to go straight from class to class so I can make sure I’m ready for the bell to ring. Although it may appear so, that does not mean I have no friends – because I do – I just prefer to be early and prepared.

Eventually, the bells became familiar to everyone, and the problems lessened as the year progressed. Sometimes, though, the previously mentioned complications occurred, but the consequences were not too harsh. Normally, being a few seconds late once does not result in a serious consequence. If it happens on a daily basis, on the other hand, then it most likely is not the bells’ fault. 

Overall, the bells did not have a catastrophic impact on how the school functions. They may have been an inconvenience every once and a while, but they were not impossible to get used to. In the end, at least they motivated students to get to class earlier to ensure they would not be late, which never harmed anyone.

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