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The Track to State

PLHS students prepare themselves and get as ready as they can for the state track meet.

Junior Tabitha Dendinger pole vaults at the varsity Millard South Invite.

Junior Tabitha Dendinger pole vaults at the varsity Millard South Invite.

Jill Mathison

Jill Mathison

Junior Tabitha Dendinger pole vaults at the varsity Millard South Invite.

Cassie Kessler, Staff Writer

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Every athlete dreams of going to a state tournament. To showcase their strengths and abilities in front of hundreds of people is the ultimate goal for most student athletes.  

PLHS has had numerous teams attend state for every sport throughout the years. One sport they continuously have athletes go to state for is track. The state track meet is held at Burke High School, and attending this meet is an impressive accomplishment for track participants. 

Sophomore Frankie Allen will be going to state track this year for his second time to participate in the 4 by 100 meter relay race and the 100 meter sprint. However, the joyous feeling of finding out you qualified for state is not lost for returning athletes. 

“I was very excited when I found out I was going to state, and I was proud of myself because all of the work that the coaching staff and I put in throughout the season,” Allen said. 

Junior Tabitha Dendinger will also be competing in the state track for her first time in pole vault. Although an athlete can have a great season, that does not ensure a place at state. 

“I knew I was seated 4th [at districts], but I didn’t know if I could hold that place for sure,” Dendinger said.  

Getting to qualify for state takes a lot of hard work and preparation from both athletes and coaches. However, the work doesn’t stop once they qualify. Training and practices continue on in order for the athletes to prepare for such a large event. 

“I’ve just been getting to sleep on time, doing the workouts for track, and thanking God that I made it to this point,” Allen said.  

The pressure of such a large meet can be overwhelming. The feeling of needing to do their best in order to benefit their team can be extremely stressful for any athlete. However, competing with some of the best athletes in the state is a very exciting time for everyone participating. 

“I’m most excited to get to experience the atmosphere and watch the top vaulters do their thing,” Dendinger said.  

Congratulations and good luck to all PLHS athletes competing in the state track meet. Go Monarchs! 

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Cassie Kessler, Staff Writer
Junior Cassie Kessler is on her second year as part of the Scepter staff. She participates in track and field and enjoys listening to music.
Jill Mathison, Social Media Editor
Jill is a Senior and a second year staff member. In Jills free time she enjoys hanging out with friends and coaching gymnastics. Jill is apart of the dive team, Dance team, and the Track and Field team.
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