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Teenagers In The workforce

Maddie R, Journalism 1 Student October 20, 2021

       Working nine to five. Paying bills. Buying a house. Staying organized. These are all things people associate with the overwhelming concept of being an adult. Even though the idea of...

AP World History

AP World History

David G, Journalism 1 Student October 29, 2020

The inevitable has come. It’s time to choose your courses for next year, and as an upcoming sophomore, there are more possibilities with what you can take. From fine arts to business, there are many...

How the Cheer Team has Dealt With COVID-19 so far

How the Cheer Team has Dealt With COVID-19 so far

Chloe C., Journalism 1 Student October 29, 2020

As with many other sports during these times, the cheer team has been dealing with the COVID-19 situation as well.  Two of the freshmen on the JV cheer team, Lindzie Devney and Ava Thilges, both believed...

Cross Country for Injured Student Athletes

Cross Country for Injured Student Athletes

Maren W., Journalism 1 Student October 28, 2020

            Cross country for student athletes can be challenging enough. The endurance, the stamina, and the mental toughness all play key roles in establishing a successful runner. Cross country...

Online V.S. In Person School

Online V.S. In Person School

Hailey B, Journalism 1 Student October 28, 2020

Tests, studying, homework, and going to class are some things that remind you of school, but it might look a little different this year.  This year, school for everyone has taken a turn from this pandemic...

School Cleanliness

Nathan S. March 5, 2020

A clean learning environment is important to many students. A dirty environment can distract students and make them uneasy about going places as simple as the bathroom.   “For the most part...

The Sense Behind the Scenes

Tatum K. March 5, 2020

  Actors. Costumes. Props. Lights. Music. Stage. These are the main things involved in any play, correct? Almost, but not quite. Who is doing the lights? The sound? Who makes sure the actors know...


Priscilla P March 5, 2020

Change is always a scary thing for everyone to deal with, positive or negative. Starting High school is one on these changes that can be scary. It’s the overall shift in location and people that...

Aida, The Musical

Nicole P. March 5, 2020

The lights slowly dim, as the surrounding noise of the whispering audience diminishes and becomes silent. The spotlight turns on and shines the stage. Soft music begins to play. The auditorium, packed with families,...

Playing Instruments

Alex G. March 4, 2020

You’ve been practicing every night leading up to this day. Is it enough practice to make it perfect? You won’t know until you perform. You’ve practiced for years and you’re great at it, but...

Special Education and Peer Aides

Kelly L March 4, 2020

Learning to be patient and put other students needs before your own is the perfect way to start or end the day for the peers and special education teachers at PLHS.   The peers and staff involved...


Jaya B March 4, 2020

From blood to knowledge, HOSA is a great “gauze” to be in.  HOSA is a medical club here at Papillion LaVista High School that offers students interested in the medical field many opportunities.   This...

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