Favorite Fall Activities

Katrina S

October 17, 2019

Apple cider. Hot chocolate. Pumpkins and pumpkin carvings. Haunted houses. Pumpkin pie and pretty leaves. It is finally that time of the year. The time to get out and do something fun with your friends or maybe a significant other before the hard winter cold hits and it’s time to stay indoors. ...

Marching Band

Kelsey C.

October 17, 2019

It’s a normal, lazy Saturday morning-for some people. Marching Band members, however, are sitting on the bus on the way to Millard.   On September 21st, the Papillion Lavista Marching Band attended a competition at Millard North Highschool. It was the first competition of the year that they participated in...

Problems with State Softball

Michael U

October 17, 2019

You sit in the stands of the final state championship softball game and your team needs one out, one pitch, to take home the trophy. If we were to be put in the stands, we would all disregard everything about the players feelings and just think, “please do the right thing, please don’t be dumb.”  But we must r...

Winter Weather & Snow Days

Annalise C.

October 17, 2019

8 October 2019    Winter is quickly approaching and with that comes many possibilities of danger for students. Even in normal, mild weather, students are known for reckless, inexperienced driving and it becomes even more of an issue when students are driving in extreme weather. The dangers of driving...

Marching Band

Brooke D.

October 17, 2019

Being on the field, lights shinning as they gather for the last song, playing their hearts out. The marching band works hard to maintain an ongoing and unique performance for many as they practice daily.  Marching band members must practice every day, on top of regular band it can be tough to remember al...

Sophomores in AP.

Joel D.

October 17, 2019

As you get older more classes become available as far as electives as well as some core classes. When students become sophomores, AP World History becomes available to students as the only AP class they can take of any subject.   Some Sophomores are up to the challenge. “It adds a little b...

Circle of Friends

Avery S

October 17, 2019

Getting to school thirty minutes early one day a week to play games might just make a difference in someone’s life.   In room 102 every Thursday morning, a select group of peer mentors and students from the special education program come together to play games and eat Poptart's for the PLHS Circle of Friends club....

Writing Club

Alyssa M.

October 17, 2019

  Peers talk amongst themselves as pencils scratch at the loose-leaf paper. Laughter breaks out at some point and the aroma of the room is that of cheap snack cakes that accompany this quaint writing session.   Writing club is a new addition to the after-school activity list this year. Being a student created club, it’s still finding its feet among the several clubs already prese...

STEM: Capstone

Sammie L.

October 17, 2019

Fifth period starts. Inside room 401 a group of seniors are working hard. When you walk in you can hear the typing of the keys, the clicking of the mice, and group discussions going on. This group of students are a part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) Academy and are in their f...

Vsco Girls

Mallorie Z.

October 15, 2019

Vsco, it’s something most of us have heard about. It’s an app that lets people put up aesthetic pictures. Overtime this app has turned people into a character.  Undoubtedly, Vsco girls have become a very popular thing. More and more people are starting to act more vsco and it has become almo...

Athletic Training

Taylor M

October 15, 2019

Injuries, it’s the most common thing that happens in sports and it can also be the most devastating thing to happen to someone that’s playing the sport.  That’s why Papillion Lavista High School has an athletic training academy that students can join to help players take care of their injuries and to try to prevent them fro...

DECA Dodgeball

Zack K

October 15, 2019

  DECA Dodgeball  The start of the new high school year can be stressful and overwhelming. But, one-night DECA hosted a dodgeball tournament for everyone to just relax and have fun competitively.   On Monday, September 23rd, DECA hosted a dodgeball tournament for the students all gr...

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