School Cleanliness

Nathan S.

March 5, 2020

A clean learning environment is important to many students. A dirty environment can distract students and make them uneasy about going places as simple as the bathroom.   “For the most part I think it’s a little dirty”, Junior Jace Zoucha said.  A combination of students who do not care and stu...

The Sense Behind the Scenes

Tatum K.

March 5, 2020

  Actors. Costumes. Props. Lights. Music. Stage. These are the main things involved in any play, correct? Almost, but not quite. Who is doing the lights? The sound? Who makes sure the actors know what to do and where to be and when? Without stage managers and techies, even with everything else, th...


Priscilla P

March 5, 2020

Change is always a scary thing for everyone to deal with, positive or negative. Starting High school is one on these changes that can be scary. It’s the overall shift in location and people that can cause the fear but towards the end of the semester most are adjusted.  Freshman Karla Angel ...

Aida, The Musical

Nicole P.

March 5, 2020

The lights slowly dim, as the surrounding noise of the whispering audience diminishes and becomes silent. The spotlight turns on and shines the stage. Soft music begins to play. The auditorium, packed with families, friends, students, and teachers, sit quietly in anticipation and await the opening scene.  The PL...

Playing Instruments

Alex G.

March 4, 2020

You’ve been practicing every night leading up to this day. Is it enough practice to make it perfect? You won’t know until you perform. You’ve practiced for years and you’re great at it, but you worry that it’s not enough. This one performance is stressing you out. Will you do good or bad? Miss a no...

Special Education and Peer Aides

Kelly L

March 4, 2020

Learning to be patient and put other students needs before your own is the perfect way to start or end the day for the peers and special education teachers at PLHS.   The peers and staff involved in helping the students learn and grow begin to appreciate every individual personality and develo...


Jaya B

March 4, 2020

From blood to knowledge, HOSA is a great “gauze” to be in.  HOSA is a medical club here at Papillion LaVista High School that offers students interested in the medical field many opportunities.   This club is a very hands on learning, along with students learning more about their professionalism in pursuin...

The Construction

Emma L.

March 4, 2020

When you are running late to school the last thing you want is a back-parking spot. Now, no matter how early you get to school, chances are you are getting a back spot. Once you are finished hiking into the building from your car, you still have a long journey from the North Gym entrance to get to the main pa...

State wrestling

Hannah C

March 4, 2020

“Roll!” “Hold him down!” “Come on”. That is the sound of fans cheering on our state wrestlers. This past week state wrestling took place here in Omaha. Here at PLHS we had 10 state qualifiers!  Wrestling coach Chris Curry is the man in charge of the success these wrestlers have had. Mr. Curry took this ov...

Drivers Education

Solana G.-M.

March 4, 2020

 Safety is the key issue while driving on the road, highway, or interstate. Drivers must watch out for every possible bad outcome because they have their life and possibly other lives in their hands. Driving is not a privilege, it’s something that’s earned.  However, PLHS has two Drivers Ed...

Presidents Day Tournament

Emma E

March 4, 2020

Emma Easton     Red, white, and blue is what people see during the weekend of Presidents Day.  For many members of the PLHS Volleyball Program the sight of over one hundred volleyball courts, and the screeching sound of whistles is how they spend their weekend.  For the past 50 years, the C...

Foreign languages

Maleah H

March 4, 2020

Learning a foreign language is a skill that many people believe is essential to life. It can open your eyes to new cultures and beliefs that you may have never seen before. For these reasons and more, foreign language classes are required for students to take across the nation.   Many students...

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