The marching band performs at halftime last season.

Music on the Field

Nicole Perez, News Editor September 9, 2021

After a year of cancelled competitions due to covid, the Monarch marching band is ready to perform again. This season, however, they have decided to make a change from their usual schedule. The change...

The cheerleading squad performs at the Pep Rally Kick Off on Saturday, August 21st. The band, cheer, and dance teams all performed at the rally with the Titans

Carrying the Spirit Through It All

Emily Schmid, Staff Writer September 7, 2021

For years, the Monarchs of Papillion LaVista and the Titans of Papillion LaVista South have had a rivalry fueled by the fire of its students, staff, and fans. One of the biggest nights of Monarch football...

Outside view of Abbys Corner on 138 N Washington St

Abby’s Corner Continues Downtown Papio’s Appeal

Alyssa Cage, Staff Writer September 7, 2021

Papillion has been around for 150 years and has been known for its many stores located downtown next to the Sump Memorial Library. Since the beginning, there have always been fun stores where you can buy...

Homecoming Preparations

Homecoming Preparations

Evelyn Brilz September 7, 2021

Dancing, high heels, dresses, tuxes and corsages are all associated with Homecoming. It is a dance that freshmen dream of going to, and seniors hope to win Homecoming king or queen. PLHS’s Student...

PLHS Students at lunch without plexiglass.

Plexiglass Free Lunches

Izzy Gerharter, Staff Writer September 7, 2021

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, PLHS has returned to its PlexiGlass free lunches. Now being able to socialize with one another, students are being shown a glimpse of normalcy during their...

Students put their masks back on after a week of freedom.

Masking Up Again

Avery Delwiche September 7, 2021

2020 came with its own fair share of hardships. First COVID-19 hit, causing millions of people to lose their jobs and even loved ones. Then, the whole world was locked down. Everyone was in quarantine,...

Nurse Jeanes works through the pandemic in her office.

FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine

David Gottner, Staff Writer September 3, 2021

Last week, on Aug. 23, a tremendous development was made in the fight against COVID-19. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved the Pfizer vaccine as a prevention for the virus.  How did the...

New Trainer Empowers More than Muscles

New Trainer Empowers More than Muscles

Jennifer Hubert, Staff Writer September 2, 2021

Monarch Nation underwent a lot of changes transitioning into the 2021 fall school year: a new parking lot and freshman wing, new turf field, and possibly an even bigger thing, a woman weights coach. In...

Cheer Tryouts 2021

Tinley Strittmatter, Staff Designer March 29, 2021

Mutating into Success

Mutating into Success

Jennifer H, Journalism I Student March 12, 2021

  It’s hard to believe that we have been living in this “COVID world” for about a year now, yet some of us still don’t even know much about the virus itself. In order to make change, you...

A Smashing video game tournament

A ‘Smashing’ video game tournament

Cam H., Journalism 1 student March 12, 2021

  Most people know the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the basic yet complicated fighting system, the ever-growing number of fighters, but unknown to most, the members of the Monarch esports...

Blood drive

Blood drive

Courtney W, Journalism I Student March 12, 2021

Courtney Withers   Blood! Blood! Blood everywhere! No, this is not a crime scene, this is the biannual blood drive hosted by Papillion LaVista HOSA. Many PLHS students, faculty, and parents...

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