The Qu33zy Revolution

Alex Gryczanowski and Ellie Beiser March 2, 2021

Senior Quincy Norris, aka Qu33zy, continues his quest to become a well-known hip-hop artist.

The Show Must Go On

Katelyn Squiers March 1, 2021

In lieu of competitions this year, the show choir groups perform for a professional recording.

Snow Day Tweets

Eva Burklund, Abigail Jensen March 1, 2021

When there's potential for a snow day, many eyes turn to an authority on snow days, @linusthecat1. @linusthecat1 is a student-run Twitter handle that impersonates the PLC School Superintendent's pet cat,...

Rifle Trifle

Jaxon Carlson, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

Serving up Coffee

Serving up Coffee

Hailey Christensen December 18, 2020

Early mornings, the scent of warm coffee in the air, creating such a comforting atmosphere. Working at a coffee shop is a common job for many teens here at school.  Senior Alex Crane is just one of...

Brady Dumont on the sideline with his team after the injury.

Season Endings

Ellie Beiser September 21, 2020

The last season of a high school sport is one that leaves a lasting impression. After enduring challenges and building a strong team, this impression is not only remembered by teammates and coaches, but...

Andy Janovich rumbles his way to a 55 yard touchdown in a game back in 2015. Janovich finished his Husker career with 265 yards and three touchdowns.

New Team, Same Beast

Anthony Rubek, Sports Editor September 21, 2020

After months of uncertainty, the NFL is finally back. Many players head into the year with unique stories about how they got to this point. One of the most special stories revolves around the new fullback...

The online view of the petition created by Roshu Senthil and her friends.

Surfacing Petitions

Ellie Beiser September 21, 2020

After months of quarantine, school is in session. This year, with cautionary procedures against COVID-19. The voluntary decisions of students and staff vary among their own personal stances and situations. Personal...

Freshman are working on writing assignment in Ms. Albertsons class.

COVID-19 v. Freshmen ’24

Emma Leslie, Staff writer September 9, 2020

Freedom. That is what most people first tell you about as you are going into high school. What they forget to mention is the stress, thousands of new responsibilities, the maze that is your school, and...

Large group eagerly waits to be released from lunch. Big gatherings like this make the future of PLHS uncertain.

What’s Next?

September 9, 2020

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, with the school year being even more uncertain. Leading to a question many of us are asking, just what is going to happen this year? The 2020-2021 school year...

A student baking in Culinary Club. Many students have picked up cooking over quarantine.

Quarantine Hobbies

Ginnie Walton, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

After an extended amount of time spent in isolation the brain can start to change and adapt to being alone. This can lead to memory loss, mental health issues, and other serious problems. Where people’s...

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