Noah and his brother Hudson Selph in front of their fathers sub.

Rinse and Repeat

Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

Move, make friends, and repeat. This is what a military kid’s life is like. When a child has a parent who is in the military they are forced to move around and switch schools quite a bit. This can be...

Senior James Rasser hits a pose during premier night.

A Fresh Start

Izzy Gerharter, Photography Editor January 19, 2023

New beginnings, songs, members, and costumes. PLHS Show Choirs, Monarchy, Heart and Soul, and Free Spirit took on their first competition at Gretna this past weekend, where they displayed their new shows...

Papio Proud Heads to Psychologists’ Convention

Ellen Pham, Video Editor November 22, 2022

Student leaders of the Monarch social justice organization: Papio Proud head to Lincoln to speak at the Nebraska School Psychologist Association convention.

A wall in the counseling center shows the college choices of seniors.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Emily Smith, Staff Writer November 16, 2022

Choosing where a student wants to spend the next four years of their life is one of the hardest decisions they will make. With thousands of universities out there, the options are endless.  The biggest...

Jeopardy for High Schoolers

Jeopardy for High Schoolers

November 16, 2022

If you enjoy watching jeopardy and have contemplated participating in it, look no further, because PLHS has just the club for you.  Quiz bowl started its competition season on Saturday, October 29th...

NHS Applications

NHS Applications

Reagan M, Journalism I Student October 21, 2022

This organization is more than just honor roll. Being a member is the true mark of academic achievement. It goes far beyond a report card.    Juniors and Seniors at PLHS prepare their application...

Metro Community College HOSA Experience

Metro Community College HOSA Experience

Evie F., Journalism 1 student October 21, 2022

Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Physician Assistant, and Doctor, are just a few of the areas of healthcare that are explored at the Metro Community College experience.  While healthcare has...

Papillion-La Vista Marching Band

Papillion-La Vista Marching Band

Sarah F, Journalism I Student October 20, 2022

Pap-i-o. Papio! Num-ber one. Number one! This may sound like a student section at a football game, it's actually the sounds of the Papillion-La Vista marching band at a competition. Every fall the Papillion-La...

Experiencing Onstage of Flo Rida

Ellen Pham, Video Editor October 20, 2022

2 Monarch students Kylei Morton and Mia Slizinski end up at a Flo Rida concert. Hear about their exclusive experience onstage.

Journalism At Monarch High

Journalism At Monarch High

Kyra A, Journalism I Student October 20, 2022

Write, edit, rewrite, publish. This is the journalistic process.Student journalism is a major part of many PLHS students' lives. It tells students what is going on in the school, and after, as well as...



Adriana S., Journalism 1 Student October 13, 2022

Clay, pots, gnomes, a mess, that’s just pottery, a form of art, a form of expressing yourself through the ceramic artwork you make. Pottery is a fun class to socialize, create, and repeat, but do the...


Mentally Preparing for the Game

Zoe P, Journalism 1 Student October 13, 2022

The mental side of the game, something all athletes struggle with at one point. Trying to prepare yourself for a good game while keeping the negative thoughts to a minimum is an ideal situation for a student...

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