Its Not 2016 Somewhere, Its a Masterpiece

It’s Not 2016 Somewhere, It’s a Masterpiece

David Gottner May 3, 2022

After a six-year long production break, indie musician Ricky Montgomery released his newest EP “It’s 2016 Somewhere.” The production was highly anticipated among his supporters, and with snippets...

The Batman Review

The Batman Review

Evie Brilz April 27, 2022

WARNING: major plot spoilers. Vengeance is coming for the city of Gotham and brought forth by the city's vigilante Batman, played by the one and only Robert Pattinson. Batman lurks in the shadows and scares...

Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Doing it with Style

Danae Collver, Staff Writer April 22, 2022

Harry Styles has stolen the hearts of many across the world with his progressive, high level fashion, charming looks, and extreme talent in singing and songwriting. The 28 year old has continued to make...

Lights, Camera, Musical!

Lights, Camera, Musical!

Kathryn H., Journalism 1 student March 11, 2022

Words, music, and movement. The main components of a highly popular nationwide enjoyment that aims to tell a story and showcase talents: musicals. But how does one prepare to perform? This semester...

Caffeinated Cravings

Caffeinated Cravings

January 26, 2022

Let’s be honest, mornings are the worst. From the screech of an alarm clock to the sour taste of morning breath, there is absolutely no redeeming those first few hours of the day. After gathering the...

Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Black, White, and Read All Over

Danae Collver, Staff Writer January 26, 2022

Escape to another land while lounging in the comfort of your own home. Reading transports one's mind and soul into tales of sword wielding heroes, mysterious adventures, heartwarming romance, and an array...

Taking Down the Barriers

Anthony Rubek, Sports Editor January 21, 2022

Monarch Girls Wrestling team look to have a successful season in the NSAA's newest sanctioned sport.

POV: Audition Day

POV: Audition Day

Emily Schmid, Writer December 17, 2021

The butterflies in your stomach continue to build the closer and closer the time nears for you to perform a monologue and song for an audition for the school musical. So much practice and time has been...

REVIEW: Shang-Chi

REVIEW: “Shang-Chi”

Evie Brilz December 3, 2021

Side characters are usually just there to be a small comedic relief, and do not have a huge role in the movie. They could be a random valet worker, or a waiter at a restaurant. Usually, they show up only...

Lead singer Dallon Weekes  of iDKHOW performs Door off their album Razzmatazz.

Live Music is Back

Alex Gryczanowski, Features Editor November 9, 2021

Before the pandemic hit, going to a concert was a fun event for fans worldwide. People traveled from other states, waited in line for hours no matter what the weather was, and spent hours getting ready...

A beautiful view of a modern farmhouse near the UNL campus

My UNL Experience; The Painting in Front of Me

Darshan Homeha, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Nebraska has given me friends, both good and bad adventures, and a childhood of extraordinary memories. I turned 17 and realized that going to college in Nebraska meant I would have to stay here, complacent...

REVIEW: A CATastrophe of the Early 80s

REVIEW: A CATastrophe of the Early 80s

Jeslyn Williamson November 7, 2021

To describe "Cats" in a single word, it’s uncanny. Long before cashing in my ticket to the Jellicle Ball, I was fully aware of the reputation this musical held. In short, it was infamous not only for...

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