PLHS Senior Shoutouts

PLHS Senior Shoutouts

April 13, 2021

SENIORS- The Scepter wants your memories from your time at PLHS! Please fill out as much of this form as you would like by FRIDAY 4/16! Go to this link!  

My First Downtown Omaha Trip Through the Eyes of a Nebraskan

My First Downtown Omaha Trip Through the Eyes of a Nebraskan

March 25, 2021

New York City is a 1,247.7 mile walk, a 19 hour and 16 minute drive, and a 4 hour and 17 minute flight from LaVista, Nebraska. Despite this great distance, I have been to this well-renowned city twice...

The Qu33zy Revolution

Alex Gryczanowski and Ellie Beiser March 2, 2021

Senior Quincy Norris, aka Qu33zy, continues his quest to become a well-known hip-hop artist.

MCU Strikes Again with 'WandaVision'

MCU Strikes Again with ‘WandaVision’

Hope Von Dorn, writer February 24, 2021

Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful human beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). She has been through so much during her lifetime. She watched Vision, who she loved the most, die right in...


REVIEW: “Julie and the Phantoms” Welcomes All

Alex Gryczanowski December 18, 2020

After being unable to get into the music program at your school, you feel defeated. The loss of your mother has put you through unthinkable grief and now you can’t get back into your passion for music....


REVIEW: “Clouds” Features Solid Soundtrack, Predictable Message

Emily Smith October 29, 2020

Based on the memoir by Laura Sobiech, “Clouds” is a movie about Zach Sobiech, a teenage musician who went viral after uploading a song about his own death on YouTube. The movie begins with Zach,...

Junior Will Adair uses his phone often before class.

Apple’s newest innovation

Tyler Henkel, Writer October 29, 2020

From the moment it was created, the telephone was a revolutionary invention. It allowed people to communicate instantaneously with people far away from them. In recent years, however, it has become less...

Brady Dumont on the sideline with his team after the injury.

Season Endings

Ellie Beiser September 21, 2020

The last season of a high school sport is one that leaves a lasting impression. After enduring challenges and building a strong team, this impression is not only remembered by teammates and coaches, but...

The online view of the petition created by Roshu Senthil and her friends.

Surfacing Petitions

Ellie Beiser September 21, 2020

After months of quarantine, school is in session. This year, with cautionary procedures against COVID-19. The voluntary decisions of students and staff vary among their own personal stances and situations. Personal...

Phineas and Ferb 5 Summers Later...

Phineas and Ferb 5 Summers Later…

Tyler Henkel, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

“Phineas and Ferb” was a late 2000’s early 2010’s Disney Channel series that was widely popular.  There was a new song with every episode, it featured memorable characters like Dr. Doofenshmirtz,...

A student baking in Culinary Club. Many students have picked up cooking over quarantine.

Quarantine Hobbies

Ginnie Walton, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

After an extended amount of time spent in isolation the brain can start to change and adapt to being alone. This can lead to memory loss, mental health issues, and other serious problems. Where people’s...

Meagen Grigatis is watching netflix and eating her whoppers.

What people will miss about quarantine

September 8, 2020

Undoubtedly many students miss something that quarantine had to offer . Whether that be having more free time or trying something new. Or just simply doing more of what you enjoy.  When everything...

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