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Students discuss their opinion of and experiences in zoo academy.

Captured by Hannah Olson

Captured by Hannah Olson

Captured by Hannah Olson

Kyler Choquette, Staff Writer

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There are plenty of academies that you can choose to take part in here at PLHS. There is the always popular health academy and their scrubs, STEM academy, and Athletic Training. Each academy offers unique hands on experiences that can aid in a student’s future, including what might be the most intriguing academy of them all: zoo academy.  

Very few academies allow such a once in a lifetime experience for its members. Students as they shadow keepers, can expect to be up close and personal with animals usually only seen behind glass for the standard individual. 

“You really get a hands-on experience there,” Junior Jake Simons said. “It really sparks interest in me.” 

When students are not shadowing they can be in the classroom taking standard block classes. 

“It’s like working on your own time,” Simons said. “It is not like working on standard daily assignments, so it is really nice to have that flexibility.” 

While the zoo academy is a great opportunity for those interested, the timeframe to get to and from the zoo is unreasonably short.  

“We have after 11:55 and a 25-minute drive to get to the zoo and have to be in class by 12:20 while eating lunch in that time frame,” Senior Madison Zink said. 

This can cause stress for the students who feel the need to rush to the zoo to make it to their class on time and get the full experience. Thankfully teachers do not enforce the rule harshly. 

“It’s kind of stressful the drive there,” Zink said. “But the teachers don’t give us a hard time, so we just try and get less late every day.” 

Stress aside the academy appears to provide an immensely positive experience for all who join.  

“For everyone who is thinking about joining zoo academy take it because it is experience you can use in the future.” Zink said. 

So, if you are looking for a fun, unique and engaging experience that provides freedom and responsibility you just might want to consider joining the zoo academy. 







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