School Sickness

Isabel P.

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As the summer season fades out, it begins to get cold and so do students. Often-times teens find themselves catching colds throughout the fall and winter seasons easier than they do during the summer and spring seasons. 

It is very common that students may catch a GI virus or respiratory issue.  

“Right now there’s a GI virus going around. When you get this many people together and people share food, drinks and don’t wash their hands there’s always GI distress…Then there’s also a respiratory issue that’s generally going around when you get people close together”, according to Nurse Jeanes, who has been the school nurse at PLHS for 13 years. 

Common symptoms Jeanes has seen in students are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, congestion, and body aches.  

Kayla Wolfsbauer, a junior at PLHS, says that she has noticed students getting sick as the weather gets cooler.  

“Pretty much every other person you meet is either sick or going to get sick” Wolfsbauer says.  

Along with noticing most students are sick, she also states that “The main thing going around right now is a common cold, but eventually it will be the flu.” 

No one enjoys being sick; especially not at school. How can you get better when you don’t feel well? 

If you’re not feeling well “Tough it out a bit, if time won’t help then try some things on your own and if needed, try the basic things” Jeanes says.  

Taking the most basic steps to restoring your health is what will make the biggest impact. Gargling with salt water, eating a peppermint, taking a hot bath, getting rest, are all things you can do to help you get healthy again. 

“Everybody has aches and pains and that’s good because it means you’re alive” Jeanes tells.  

To prevent from getting sick “Wash your hands often and if someone is sick try to stay away from them” suggests Wolfsbauer. 

Agreeing with Wolfsbauer, “Good hand washing technique is key, always wash your hands with soap and running water” states Jeanes. 

Sometimes sickness is not always caused by germs. Stress can cause strain on your body and cause you to feel sick and overwhelmed.  

To prevent stress, “The best thing that students can do is be prepared for their day… being unprepared is not really illness, it is just stress” says Jeanes.  

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