Circle of Friends

Kelsey M

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In high school many students want to get involved in sports and club. One club that students may not think about is Circle of Friends.  

Circle of friends is a place to interact and hangout with kids who are socially challenged and need help interacting with people.  

“I joined Circle of Friends because I want to give back and the students are the sweetest kids I ever meet,” Senior Taryn Moore said, “I have made many strong friendships.”  

Some people like to talk with the socially challenged kids, some like to just hang out with them, or others will play games with them.  

“My favorite part about Circle of Friends is hanging out with the kids and getting to know them,” Freshman Samantha Riggs said.  

Circle of Friends can mean many things to many different people.  

“Circle of Friends is a Program where pears help socially challenged Students to make new friends and connections around the school,” Moore said, “There are once a week meeting and once a month outing to allow pears and students to connect to the community.”  

Circle of Friends is a place where you can not only connect with the students but can also learn and understand how they communicate with everyone.  

“I have gained confidence,” Moore said, “Also, over the years I have learned how to work with each student on individual basis to best meet their personal needs.”  

Circle of Friends can change your life in many ways, such as seeing that life isn’t the same for everyone.  

“Circle of Friends has given me new friendships, more knowledge on how and why disabilities occur, how to make the students life better,” Moore said, “Also, it has given me one of my best friends, Mitchell, and I have been fortunate enough to work with him since sophomore year.”  

So, as you think about joining clubs, think about joining Circle of Friends. Also, remember the kid you think is weird or doesn’t understand anything could have a disability or could be socially challenged.  

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