Loco for Hoco

Sam M.

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It’s that time of year again!  Hectic planning and rushing around to find the perfect date.  Yep that’s right, PLHS, it’s time for your annual homecoming.  Get ready to go broke and have a blast dancing the night away. 

On October 6th, PLHS homecoming was one of the biggest events of the school year for the students and with such a big event, required a lot of planning. 

Part of the whole planning process this year for these students included much stress, especially planning a group. 

“Planning a group to take to Homecoming was very aggravating,” freshman Lauren McKinney said, “because of the many vast opinions and disagreements that arose in our group.” 

It was important for students to know where and when to buy their tickets to attend the dance on October 6th.  

“Buying a ticket was an easy process,” freshman Sara Badura said, “I went to the bookstore before Friday and paid $15 for one ticket to the dance.” 

Looking for a formal attire was a huge setback for the students that planned to attend.  There were many complications for students searching. 

“Finding a homecoming dress was pretty stressful because I couldn’t choose, also I wasn’t good at shopping and having a deadline only added more unnecessary pressure,” said McKinney. 

Although looking for something to wear wasn’t everything these PLHS students had to be prepared for.  They also had to prepare themselves in other physical ways. 

“For the dance, I got my nails and hair done professionally,” said McKinney. 

However, not only did the students had to be prepared physically for the dance, they also needed to mentally prepare and get in the right spirit. 

“I tried not to be anxious and kept a positive mind,” freshman Colby Henke said, “Worrying only added pressure.” 

Students that attended the dance had to worry about other complications.  The students however adapted around these obstacles and were able to prepare themselves easily. 

“I had to prepare myself while dress shopping because of the dress code and all aspects of it,” said Badura. 

Bright lights and tons of adolescent fun was through the air at PLHS.  These students prepared themselves with utmost care and adjusted their lives to have a blast and enjoy themselves through preparing.  Through hectic planning and rushing around Kohl’s, time-consuming journeys and searching for the perfect date, these students accomplished succession and satisfaction at the Papillion La Vista High School dance.   

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