Girls Basketball Conditioning

Jackson V

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The clock is at 10 seconds, slowly creeping down, getting toward the end. Ellie jumps for the ball, someone grabs it before her, so she snatches it out of their hands. She acknowledges the open court space, and her teammate Caitlyn past 3 defenders. She hurls the ball over all 3 of them to Caitlyn. She crosses one-person, split step to the left, and spin move away from the last opponent. She takes the last shot with confidence. The buzzer sounds, the shot felt good out of her hand, she already knows the ball will go right through the rim and touch nothing but net.  

Before any of these things can happen, they must spend hours in the weight room, and hours of determination. The basketball season starts far before the first game or first practice. Basketball workouts and conditioning are very important and crucial for having a successful season, which is why they start so early on. 

Most freshman believe there’s a reason to the idea of starting conditioning so early, 

“The coaches have conditioning so we don’t have to waste practice on things like getting us into shape when we should be focusing on improving ourselves.” Ellie Beiser said 

Workouts also are implemented early in the morning in preparation to the basketball season.  

“It’s easy to get a workout in since no one else is in there [the weight room].” Freshman Caitlyn Ryan said. 

According to most, conditioning and workouts are something that are worth the time,  

“Not only are you practicing but your showing the coaches you’re willing to put the effort into getting better.” Beiser said. 

Some goals have been set for later in the season for a few. 

“Just have good record and become a better player overall” Ryan states. “I’m excited for the upcoming season because I think it’s going to be a good season.”  

The beginning of some can be overwhelming, and frightening for the new up and coming freshman.  

“Not only was I practicing with older girls super intimidating, but the practices were much different than my other teams which I’m super nervous about.” Beiser said.  

Basketball conditioning gives the opportunity to be able to out run defenders. It gives the confidence to trust yourself and is a great introduction to the basketball season. It gets experience with different environments that only champions are prepared for. 

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