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Heavy breathing, waiting anxiously for the ball to fly up in the air, a pause, a whistle blows, RUN! 

The ball is in the air, heads high. A stick then catches the ball, you look down hoping that it’s a jersey of your fellow teammate.  

Tinley Strittmatter, a former freshman at PLHS really enjoys this year of lacrosse. 

“I can keep up with other girls now and I am able to play a game because the older girls on the team took me under their wing and helped me a lot,” Strittmatter said. 

Grace Lyons, another former freshman from PLHS, is looking forward to the upcoming years of lacrosse. 

“I have been with lacrosse for 2 years now and I am participating in a Premier Lacrosse Club,” Lyons said. 

Before taking on a sport people would have to get to know the sport and have good skills to play this sport. 

“Yes, it took me awhile to know all the rules and how to move the stick the right way,” Strittmatter said. 

While at the sport people can have some ups and downs. People may forget things, goof off, or better yet do something that will get other people mad. 

“When I almost got carded because I tripped a girl by accident and my coach yelled at me because I forgot the rules,” Lyons said. 

In addition, to having good or bad experiences. There can be important lessons that people will learn during lacrosse. 

“Don’t get frustrated at yourself, it takes time to learn, it’s a hard sport at first but once you get into it you definitely won’t want to quit,” Strittmatter said.  

Overall, people can get good or bad advice from others. 

“For the first year I played lacrosse, I find out that all you need is good sportsmanship and to always think in a positive manner,” Lyons said.

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