Spanish Airport Simulation

Caitlyn R.

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Arrive at airport, check. Pass through security, check. Board plane, check. Pass through customs, check. Now repeat, but you can only speak in Spanish, uncheck. Most people would say that they could never do these things in a new language, but what most people don’t realize is that after a few months in Spanish 2, you have all the words you need to know to get through an airport using only the new language you have learned. 

Last week, many students found this out when the PLHS library was set up like an airport where students went through security, got onto their plane, and then went through customs.  

Around 80 students in Mr. Brian Johnson’s Spanish 2 classes got to participate in this activity. For many, it felt like a real-life situation where they were only spoken to and understood in Spanish. For most students, including freshman Nicole Perez, this was a very fun learning experience.  

“For me it was fun because it made me realize how much Spanish I actually know,” Perez said. 

The airport simulation was not only fun for Spanish 2 students, but also for the teachers involved.  

“It’s just so much fun to kind of watch it happen,” Johnson said. 

Along with Mr. Johnson to speak to in Spanish, the students spoke to some of their peers. About 15 Spanish speakers helped with this activity by acting as the workers at the airport. They also get to have a lot of fun with this activity.  

“I love how much fun the Spanish speakers have kind of drilling the Spanish 2 students and getting into their roles,” Johnson said. 

Mr. Johnson’s goal of this activity was to have his students completely immersed in Spanish for the first time. They did not get any help in English and had to figure out everything for themselves. Perez said that it helped a lot to have the activity that way. 

“It gave me more confidence in my Spanish speaking and gave me practice in having a normal conversation in Spanish,” Perez said. 

The airport simulation succeeded in many ways- it was fun from all different points of views, students were completely immersed in Spanish, and now when they think about having to speak in Spanish at an airport or in any real-life situation, they might be able to stay relaxed and have a little more confidence. 

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