“DECAcation” at its Finest

DECA's annual Central Region Leadership Conference will take place November 16-18.


Photo from @plhsdeca on Twitter.

DECA's 2018 annual State Development Conference, in Lincoln, NE.

Josh Hennings, Staff Writer

DECA is one of PLHS’ largest clubs, containing over 115 students, yet only 25 members are attending one of their busiest events of the year. The 2018 annual Central Region Leadership Conference is held in Detroit, Michigan this, where over 1,800 DECA members from across the midwestern region attend and go to workshops and conferences, along with many other amenities. 

The price tag for such an event, including four nights in a hotel, travel costs and conference fees, is staggeringly high, at $500. Although the cost is high, many DECA members who want to learn more about business and professionalism pay the price to attend this event. 

“Experience is a very important thing to me and my family,” DECA’s Vice President of Competition and Community Service, junior Lauren Unverzagt said. “They want me to learn a variety of things and getting hands on experience is ideal.” 

The price may not be the only reason that few members are participating, however. Detroit is one of the most crime ridden cities in America, which could lead to some parents and students feeling reluctant towards going. However, despite Detroit’s dodgy reputation, some attendees see this as an opportunity. 

“I think it’s so cool that CRLC is in Detroit, because that’s somewhere that a lot of people wouldn’t usually visit, making it a new experience for all of us,” DECA’s Junior Vice President, junior Abigail Saylor said. 

Despite the location and cost changing some members minds about the trip, others see this event as a great way to learn more about business, marketing, finance and hospitality, all while having an enjoyable time with close friends. 

“I’m really looking forward to the DECA CRLC trip this year,” Saylor said. “We’re also stopping in Chicago for one night on the drive there, and in Detroit we’re going on a riverboat.” 

Detroit, Michigan is north of some portions Canada, and since this trip is taking place in mid-November, it will probably be very cold. Students attending this event are also going on a riverboat in the Michigan River, which acts as the border between Michigan, United States and Ontario, Canada. 

“One essential will be sweaters that go along with business clothes,” Saylor said. “It’s going to be much colder and I won’t be able to go without them.” 

Although some aspects of DECA’s annual Central Region Leadership Conference may seem offsetting to some people, that doesn’t stop those “DECAcated” DECA members from missing school, work, and paying lots of money to get great experience and have a lively and amusing trip.