Nurturing Nature

Mrs. Wilton embraces the "plant mom" trend.


History teacher Mrs. Wilton poses with her two favorite plants.

Ashley Mason, News editor

Walking through each classroom door the walls are covered by a teachers’ personality from sports teams to vacation pics. But for one history teacher, she brings her room to life with her to devotion as a plant mom.  

A “plant mom” is one who embraces the current trend of collecting houseplants, ranging from potted succulents to hanging plants. The obsession can goes as far as regular succulent subscription boxes.  

“Instead of buying plants I started growing them with seeds this year,” Mrs. Bre Wilton said. 

For some, this may seem a bit drastic to be obsessed with simple plants, but it has become almost a lifestyle for Wilton as she now favors some plants over the others. 

“Succulents are my favorite,” Wilton said. “I like the way they look.”  

A few plants require more care than others, especially the succulents which are mostly common in arid climates, but store water in their thick leaves and stems. It is very easy and common to kill them. 

“The biggest problem is [that] people overwater their plants,” Wilton said. 

Not only is Wilton a dedicated mom to her human kids, she also dedicates her life to taking care of her botanical children. Being a plant mom can come off as being unusual, but people who take part in this can have fun with the different colors and styles of pots and plants and embrace nature in an urban lifestyle.