Energetic in its Own Way

Caleb Digiacomo describes what it is like to be apart of show band and show choir


Megan Friel

Caleb Digiacomo plays the mellophone along with the other show band members for the varsity show choir, Free Spirit.

Hannah Shin, Staff Writer

Concert band, jazz band, game band, and show band. Band fanatics are eager to participate in every group possible. One musician is particularly unique; sophomore Caleb Digiacomo, who goes by a nick name given to him because of his instrument, the French horn: Frenchie.

Digiacomo currently plays the mellophone, an instrument equivalent to a French horn, in the PLHS show band where he is one of three mellophone players. Being part of a small section can lead to stress during performances, but Digiacomo thinks otherwise. 

“I don’t think its stressful, it just pushes me to be a better player,” Digiacomo said. 

Digiacomo enjoys the thrill of performing and fondly recalls memories from last year’s season with his senior peers, most notably meeting and befriending a unique mix of students. 

“It was just the experience of getting to be with other people [that I liked best],” Digiacomo said. 

Being in one or two bands is common in the department, but being in more than three is rarely done. 

“I was in band, jazz band and game band, so [I] just added another one,” Digiacomo said. 

At competitions, it is common for the audience to simply focus on the pizzazz of the final shows. To the choirs and the band, however, performing together is something much more. 

“Every time that I play in show band, there’s always some feeling of energy throughout the stage,” Digiacomo said. “It’s not really something you get just by watching.” 

Community and energy are what compels Digiacomo and many others to pursue show choir and show band.