Last Minute Scholarships!

Looking for some free money for college? Here's a list of some scholarships you still have time to apply for!

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Last Minute Scholarships!

Every bit counts!

Every bit counts!

Lily Allpress

Every bit counts!

Lily Allpress

Lily Allpress

Every bit counts!

Lily Allpress, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

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Seniors! Still looking for some last-minute scholarships to apply for? Here’s a list of a few that haven’t quite hit their deadline yet. 

2019 Student View Scholarship 

  • Award: Up to 4,000 Deadline: 4/22 Requirements: Take a 15-25-minute survey and be entered in a drawing for scholarship money 

Alex Shives Scholarship 

  • Award: 2,500 Deadline: 3/31 Requirements: Must have participated in girls or boys golf during high school 

Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship 

  • Award: 2,000 Deadline: 7/30 Requirements: Write an 800-word essay on the 7th Amendment and how it affects your daily life 

BigSun Scholarship 

  • Award: 500 Deadline: 6/19 Requirements: Must have participated in sports during high school and write a 500-1,000-word essay about how that impacted you 

College of Hair Design-Hair Art Scholarship 

  • Award: 1,000 Deadline: 4/10 Requirements: Must be interested in attending any of their Lincoln campuses 

Davis Chambers Community College Scholarship 

  • Award: ½ of tuition Deadline: 4/1 Requirements: Must take a college placement exam and apply to the community college you are interested in 

Elastic Band Co. Scholarship 

  • Award: 1,000 Deadline: 3/31 Requirements: Must be part of a minority that it underrepresented in fashion/entrepreneurship and want to pursue these things in college 

Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation Scholarship 

  • Award: 1,500 Deadline: 4/6 Requirements: Must be intending to go to a Nebraska Community College and pursue automotive studies 

Latino Employee Network Union Pacific Scholarship 

  • Award: 4,000 Deadline: 3/15 Requirements: Must be of Latino or Hispanic heritage with an ACT score of over 20, or an SAT score of 1400/2400 or 1030/1600, and a GPA of 2.8 or higher 

Midland Community Foundation-Sarpy Bars Association Scholarship 

  • Award: 1,500 Deadline: 4/30 Requirements: Must want to study criminal justice, criminology, sociology, psychology, or pre-law with a GPA of 2.5 or higher 

Nebraska Insurance Federation and Nebraska Actuaries Club Scholarship 

  • Award: 4,000 Deadline: 3/31 Requirements: Must go to UNO, UNL, or UNK and be planning to major in acturial science, mathematics, statistics, or economics with a GPA of 3.0 or higher 

Nebraska Legal Professional Scholarship 

  • Award: 1,250 Deadline: 3/31 Requirements: Must be planning to major in paralegal, legal secretarial, criminal justice, or any other law related undergraduate program 

UNL Triangle Fraternity STEM Scholarship 

  • Award: 2,000 Deadline: 6/10 Requirements: Must be planning to study engineering, architecture, or science 

All of the links and applications for these scholarships can be found on naviance, which is linked on the school website and accessed with your school email. It is also important that these scholarships are given to Mrs. Bradley 5 business days before they are due, so she has time to gather it all and send it on time.  Remember that every bit of scholarship money earned is worth something and can make a huge difference. Good luck and happy essay writing! 


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