A Change in Systems

The way we vote at Prom has been changed to an easier and faster way.

Lily Allpress, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

We’re all used to voting for Prom King/Queen in our advisement classes before Prom, but this year the method has changed and become more efficient and accurate. This year, ZipGrade sheets will be used as people enter Prom to make the voting system faster, more efficient, and less manually intensive.  

“[We changed the method] to reduce the time it took to count votes, and manually voting and counting is very susceptible to errors,” Victor Icenogle said. 

Another improvement to the system is that students have to physically go to Prom to be a part of the voting process, which means the votes will be more accurate than before.  

“It’s much more accurate than the manual process, and faster,” Icenogle said.  

Overall, Prom voting has become quicker, more accurate, and less time consuming as we move forward in time to the years of automation. As the years go by, we continue to innovate and create solutions for our problems, often with technology. The Prom changes will be the first of many for our school as we move into the future.