Juul Rooms

The bathrooms at PLHS have recently been crowded by students using their e-cigarettes.


Megan Davey

School Resource Officer Andy Mahan has a confiscation box of items from students. The majority of items collected from students are forms of e-cigarettes that have been used at school.

Megan Davey, Features Editor

In what feels like centuries ago, bathrooms were a public place where toilets could be used and hands could be washed in peace. This use of the room is rare nowadays, as a new primary use for the area has gained popularity. “Juuling.”

Juuls are a type of e-cigarette that are marketed as the healthy alternative to smoking but have been picked up by a younger generation that never smoked in the first place and has now developed a nasty addiction. As teenagers become more addicted, it has become harder for them to go the typical eight-hour school day without using one.  

According to a Truth Initiative study, 1in every 5 teenagers has seen a Juul used in school. Classrooms have been deemed too risky by most Juul users, and students are unable to return to their car or go outside during the school day. This has led to only one available option for daytime Juul usage: the bathrooms 

Students crowd not only the open space in the bathrooms, but shove entire friend groups into stalls like packrats in order to Juul. They infringe upon students right to use stalls for their needs, have clean air to breathe while waiting for one to open, and have access to the sinks. According to Dr. Daniel More, for those standing by with conditions such as asthma or allergies, even breathing in the vapor in the air can trigger attacks or more symptoms. 

The minority of bathroom users are those who use the bathroom for its intended purpose, and even those regular bathroom users have been deterred from entering the bathroom during passing period due to the crowds of Juul users.  

This can create very uncomfortable experiences for those who genuinely have a need to use the bathroom.  

For the greater good of the student body, and the sanity of those who are tired of holding it, let’s return to using the bathroom for its intended purpose.