Creating a club in 8 easy steps:

A step-by-step guide to establishing a new club at PLHS.


Vincent Lin

Members of the esports club watch in excitement as two players battle it out in a Super Smash Brothers tournament. The esports club was founded last year following the club creation steps.

Owen Sumter, Staff Writer

Every club at PLHS started from nothing. Marching band, Spanish club, broadcasting, fishing club, or somewhere in between: they were all started by a student or group of students who had an idea. Here is how to follow in their footsteps: 

  1. Find an Idea: The first step to creating a club is having a club to create. A list of clubs, sports and other activities are listed on the PLHS website. If there is not already a club regarding a certain topic, then it is up for grabs – as long as it is school appropriate. The best clubs are founded from passionate projects or hobbies. 
  2.  Find a Sponsor: After finding an idea, a student needs to pitch the idea to a teacher. A club can only operate with teacher approval and supervision. They can either be directly involved in the creation process or merely there to help in administrative duties. Either way, for every club, there will be at least one teacher throughout the school interested in sponsoring it.
  3. Create an Agenda: After a teacher agrees to sponsor a club, it is almost official. The last step to having a school recognized club is getting approval from Mr. Ryan, the activities director. Create an agenda with the scope of the club; how it betters the school community and student life; what is expected by the school; and anything else pertinent to the club’s activities. This agenda can also be used to determine the events and meetings put on by the club throughout the year.
  4. Get Funding (if Necessary): This is the only step that does not apply to all clubs. Certain activities can be run for free or with only a small fee paid by the participants. Some clubs, however, need a special program or equipment which could exponentially raise the cost per person, more than high school students are willing or able to spend. Through the PL Schools Foundation, grants can be handed out to clubs or activities deemed worthy. Most applications are granted in part or in full, and it is best to at least apply.
  5. Plan a Date: Once the organization is officially approved and authorized and all needed programs and equipment are obtained, the club can finally start. Having a plan for when the first meeting will occur is pertinent to club success. A strong first impression is as necessary in activities as it is in social situations. The planned date should be far enough in the future to account for time to make all announcements and final adjustments behind-the-scenes.
  6. Get the Word Out: When a date is found, information can be given to the rest of the school for the first time. There is no one best way to announce a club, but a variety is helpful. Posters, announcements during advisements, and general word of mouth are a solid place to start. However, different methods particular to the club could be even more useful to reaching out to the niche of members. Finding a good balance is the key.
  7. Keep Members Around: In every activity, there will be late joiners and early leavers. There is not a one-club-fits-all system, and it will take time for a regular group to establish. Once that forms, however, those members are crucial to the continued success of the club. That core can reach out to their friends and classmates to build up the population of the club and are generally the most passionate. Providing leadership positions for and interacting with this group will encourage them to stick around and continue the traditions and spirit of the club for years after the original group is gone.
  8. Have Fun: Now that the club is up and running with a healthy group of participants, the fun can actually begin. Organizational problems will still erupt from time to time, and creation of new and fun ideas can prove to be a challenge, but the initial task is complete. A new club has been born at PLHS, and, by following the steps provided in this guide, should stay for years to come.