Monarchs Moving On

Lindsey Ingwerson and Olivia Boudreau are two senior athletes at PLHS who have recently committed to their future colleges.


Lindsey Ingwerson and Olivia Boudreau pose together after winning the District Finals last year.

Caitlyn Ryan, Staff Writer

Lots of kids spend many years dreaming about playing a sport beyond high school. Slowly, they start to realize that they might not be able to achieve that, but for the few athletes who do get the chance to continue with their sport, it really is a dream come true. 

Seniors Lindsey Ingwerson and Olivia Boudreau are two athletes at Papillion La Vista High School who have reached their goal to play basketball in college. Ingwerson recently committed to Rockhurst University in Kansas City while Boudreau has committed to Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. 

Both of these talented athletes have been playing basketball for years. They knew that they didn’t want it to end after their senior season of high school.  

“I just imagined my life without playing basketball and knew I was going to miss it,” Boudreau said. 

Ingwerson has the same mindset when it comes to her future with basketball and why she doesn’t want to stop playing. 

“I always just have a lot of fun when I’m on the court and it brings me joy,” Ingwerson said. “So, I want to continue to play it for as long as I can.” 

Although playing a sport in college is what both seniors wanted, and they enjoyed their search for colleges, it was also a stressful process that they had to go through. 

“It was actually pretty stressful,” Ingwerson said. “But it was also fun going to different places and seeing what I like and what I don’t like about different colleges.” 

Part of this stress comes from actually choosing what college to go to. But these girls also had to do their part in getting colleges to notice them.  

“It’s important to get colleges to know that you’re really interested in them and reach out and talk to them,” Boudreau said. 

The two athletes also agreed that playing well in summer tournaments, which is where most college coaches come to watch, was another thing that was really important to get schools to notice them. 

While Boudreau and Ingwerson are both happy and excited to be committed, they also have a feeling of relief. 

“It’s a huge stress reliever because it caused me a lot of stress,” Ingwerson said. “Now, I just know where I’m going and like what my future holds.” 

It’s no surprise that the two Monarchs are feeling this way after making their final decision. Every college is different and has unique opportunities. Finding the right fit must be very difficult. 

“I felt like all the colleges I visited were a good fit for me,” Boudreau said. “But I liked Morningside better because of the coaches, I think they made it more of a family.” 

Ingwerson also liked other colleges that she visited. However, she chose Rockhurst for another great reason. 

“I chose it because I felt like I was pushing myself to the highest division I can play,” Ingwerson said. 

Pushing themselves is exactly what these two have had to do in order to get to where they are now.  

Despite all the challenges and hard work, Boudreau and Ingwerson beat the odds. While most kids give up on their dream of playing a sport beyond high school, these two athletes kept fighting and now they both are going to be living a dream come true.