Oop, There’s a VSCO Girl!

A new trend is taking over and VSCO girls are all around the halls at PLHS.


Kenzie Ward

A basic VSCO girl trend is having a Hydro Flask with stickers, hair ties and friendship bracelets attached.

Tatum Jorgensen, Entertainment Editor

A whole new generation of basic trends worn by basic girls is among us. These girls are called VSCO girls, based off the photo editing app, VSCO, similar to the Tumblr girls of 2019. 

These girls are seen wearing oversized shirts with shorts, Crocs or Birkenstocks, scrunchiespuka shell necklaces and anklets from Pura Vida. They are also seen carrying around Kanken backpacks with their reusable straws and their Hydro Flasks with stickers and friendship bracelets hanging off. 

For junior Brenna Armstrong, she participated in all these trends before they were associated with VSCO girls. 

I would consider myself a VSCO girl because I’ve had the app for a while now,” Armstrong said. It started off as just a way for me to edit my pictures, but then it grew and now you can follow accounts and friends. I would say I have hopped on some trends on the app. For example, putting stickers on my laptop and taking a pic of that or even string lights in my room that inspired me from another girl I saw. 

But these things aren’t the only characteristics associated with VSCO girls; they may also use phrases like “And I oop” and “Sksksksksk.” 

“I have seen VSCO girls around school, mainly just by what they are wearing: Birkenstocks, scrunchies, shell necklaces and oversized tees, just as a few examples,” Armstrong said. 

Senior Jackie Negrete doesn’t identify herself as a true VSCO girl, even with some of the identifying qualities. 

“I don’t even use VSCO,” Negrete said. “I wear my scrubs to school every day. I do have a Hydro Flask and I occasionally wear oversized shirts and wear scrunchies on my wrist, but I’ve been doing that since before ‘VSCO girls’ were a thing.” 

Although these girls may be real in some places, Negrete has never seen it first-hand. 

“I think the trend is kind of made up,” Negrete said. “VSCO is kind of just an aesthetic that girls think is cute, so they dress a certain way and have certain accessories and clothes, but no one is really walking around saying ‘and I oop’ and ‘sksksksk.’” 

Negrete describes VSCO girls as “really preppy and excited” in their own kind of way. 

Being a VSCO girl isn’t always about how they act, but how they dress. It is a trend that, in a way, it is used to fit in. 

“I think some act the way they do because they get so caught up in social media,” Armstrong said. “They want to impress others or show they have fashion. I think it’s something very big right now and people might think they need to change to be this way to ‘fit in’ but of course everyone should be themselves.” 

This trend may be popular now, but it may be over before it even begins. 

“I think that they just act that way because that’s their personality, but some of them are just trying to fit in or go viral on Tik Tok,” Negrete said. 

As a multitude of trends take over social media year after year, the the craze of VSCO girls could just be this year’s fad, but only time will tell.