The History of History Club

Mrs. Gretta Hubert talks about how history club developed and what students can do to bring it back to life.


Bennett Clary

Mrs. Hubert talks to students about the process of passing legislative bills in the United States.

Bennett Clary

The creation of a club at PLHS takes multiple steps, but once the process is complete the results can be rewarding, even if it’s only for a few students. In 2017, students took a leap of faith and started the history club at PLHS even though not many students shared the same enthusiasm in history.  

These history lovers wanted to create the history club to share their interest with others but for the club to be official they needed a teacher to supervise them. Mrs. Gretta Hubert was asked to be the club supervisor which she took with enthusiasm.  

“I said I would help them by giving them my room and supervising and just being a voice for them as they talked to the principal or admin,” Hubert said.  

Even though Hubert was the club supervisor, it was still student generated and led. Sadly, the club became inactive after only a year of operation when the 2018 class graduated. While it was fun for those involved, most students don’t know the club even existed because of its short lifespan. 

“It [didn’t] have a formal structure,” Hubert said. “That’s good, but then it’s bad because sometimes even if people are interested in something, they don’t know how to push it forward.” 

While Hubert enjoyed her time with the history club and would be open to students recreating it in the future, she chose not to lead or restart the club because she wants it to be structured by students for students.  

“It’ll be better and more relevant if [students] create it versus having an adult tell them this is what it looks like, this is what you do,” Hubert said. 

History club may not have been the major success it could have been, but that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t try to make a club anyways. Starting a club that students are passionate about can help them gain leadership and communication skills without the constant assistance that adults provide. 

“I think sometimes students rely too much on the structure of adults but if they want to make something happen, they can create something themselves,” Hubert said. 

While history club may now be part of PLHS history, students can still make the club a part of their future.