REVIEW: The Insides and Out of Aksarben Village

Aksarben Village adds new additions to the busting area.


Maddy Delos Reyes

Sofra Ceperie’s Nutella crepe.

Maddy Delos Reyes, Staff Writer

The aroma of all the restaurants instantly rush to customers as they enter the Inner Rail Food Hall in AksarbenThe blazing fire pits offer warmth outside, but inside occupies a trendy bustling social hotspot. Nestled in every corner of the food court is a plethora of restaurants to choose from.  

Recently opened on October 3, The Inner Rail Food Hall has become the heart of Aksarben Village. The food hall offers 10 restaurants that all offer different cuisine. An eye-catching restaurant is Sofra Creperie. 

Sofra Creperie is a restaurant based in Eastern Europe, now taking on Nebraska. This is the restaurants first opening in the United States. Their menu offers savory crepes filled with cheese, chicken, avocado and many other toppings. In addition, the menu has sweet crepes to satisfy customers with a sweet toothThe sweet crepes are filled with your choice of Nutella, strawberries, marshmallows or even graham crackers. One of the most popular sweet crepe is the Nutella crepe. This crepe features a crepe filled with Nutella, crushed graham crackers, strawberries, and bananas. The first bite is filled with bursting amounts of flavor. The Nutella is sweet, but the fruit helps balance the multitude of flavors. After a few more bites, the crepe beings to get noticeably thick. Crepes are usually thin, light and easily cut but the batter at Sofra Creperie haalmost a chewy texture to it. Despite this downside, the flavors continued to blend nicely together and the graham crackers help offer a crunchy sensation through the chewy batter.  

Along with the flavorful crepe comes a welcoming atmosphere. The workers were quick to greet customers at the counter and take their order. The inside of the food hall is very modern and offers many areas for seating. Customers can even sit in front of the stove and watch the chefs cook the crepes. The prices at Sofra Creperie range from $5-$9. Although the prices are rather steep, this restaurant is unique to Nebraska. Crepe shops don’t appear around every corner here. Finding restaurants like this in Nebraska is a special treat.