Papillion’s Petition

PLHS students are signing a petition to get the day after Halloween off of school.


Maddy Delos Reyes, Staff Writer

Thousands of students across the nation are rallying together for one goal: no school after Halloween. This year, October 31 lands on a Thursday night and all students are eager to have the following Friday off.  

Such unification among students is a rare sight but, teens throughout the United States have already started to put the plan into action. Petitions are being created all over One petition in particular was for the Papillion school district. 

A petition started by Quinn Groves sparked the movement. This petition has over 3,000 signatures and is still growing.  

“I signed the petition” sophomore Taryn Jasinski said. “I saw it on Twitter and sent it to my other friends to sign it too.” 

High school students have filled schedules and plans for Halloween night. School and homework won’t be everyones top priority. 

“I’ll be hanging out with friends that night, Jasinski said. “I probably won’t be getting home until 11 or 12.” 

While high school students have to fight to get the following Friday off, elementary students already have a scheduled day off. 

“I think this is super unfair,” Jasinski said. “Even though high schoolers don’t trick-or-treat, they still hangout with friends and could use the extra sleep the next day.” 

With all the effort put into the petition, no results have yet to come. But PLHS students are persistent and are still signing the petitions with high hopes of getting the next day off of school.