Fall Outfits

Sierra Decker, Writer

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Sierra Decker
It is the season of fashionably fun outfits!
Photo of Kamryn Lichtas

Sierra Decker
Kamryn Lichtas poses on the Valas corn maze bridge with a beautiful smile. She is expressing the normal outfit for most teens with tennis shoes, black leggings, a black sweatshirt, and a handy little black bag.

Nicole O’Brien poses in a tree to show off her first style of a fall outfit. She is rocking ripped jeans, converse, and a normal grey crop top.

For her next outfit, O’Brien sits on weathered stairs that match the fall environment. She is wearing her ripped jeans, a stripped long-sleeved crop top, and some amazing black and white high tops.

Next up, she is out in the open surrounded by leaves from the fall season. O’Brien poses with a plain black dress, a belt with a gold accent, and a festival fan for color.

Standing next to the tree, O’Brien wears the same black dress and belt but with a nice leather jacket and a coffee mug full of ramen for a snack.

Wally the german shepard mix poses with his formal fall attire. He is modeling a chic witch bow tie.