Schools in Lockdown

Principal Jerry Kalina explains what happens in school lock downs.


Lucas Neill, Editor-in-Chief

There are multiple worries about walking into a high school such as how hard a math test is going to be or if the low sleep schedule will finally catch up . Although, one fear no one wants to face is going through the experience of a school shooting. 

Although, the Papillion-La Vista area has one of the lowest crime rates in the Omaha-metro area this does not mean the fears of a school shooting disappear.   

“It can happen anywhere,” head principal at PLHS Jerry Kalina said. “Most school shootings happen in schools like ours.”

PLHS has precise protocols when it comes to alerting the building and which lock down the school needs to go into. A modified lockdown example would be a bank near the school has been robbed or, there is an immediate lockdown which means a threat is in the building.  

“A real lockdown endanger threat inside the building should be done by a principal but, every teacher has a responsibility to keep their students safe,” Kalina said.   

A lockdown can be a scary thing for staff and students with how unpredictable a threat either outside or inside the schools can be and, anyone is encouraged to report right way.  

“We always encourage kids to look out if anything doesn’t look right or seems off and report to the nearest adult,” Kalina said.  

Once the school is in lockdown and has been accessed that there is a threat inside the building some actions are taken.  

“Teachers are told to get their students into the back of the room, turn off the lights and lock the doors but, if you aren’t inside a classroom run or hide and do everything you can to stay safe,” Kalina said   

There are many scary things about a school shooting and school lockdowns. However, the staff and faculty in the Papillion-La Vista Community Schools work tirelessly to keep the students safe.