OPINION: School Fights Not Option

School fights can be a common occurrence in high school. When it comes to handling a situation, fighting is not the option.


Alena Meyer, Staff Writer

Why act like that? It’s just inappropriate behavior for school. There is no need to be fighting someone at school because they tripped you in the hall or you mis heard some false information 

School fights are becoming more common and it would be good to know why. All I can say is that it’s childish behavior and high school students should be acting their age. Students should be able to handle situations like adults instead of coming at other students with threats.

Students might think it’s cool to get into a fight with someone. They think it will give them the high archery with the idea of other students hyping them up saying things like “yeah do it they deserve to get beat up” and “you will totally win.” But it only adds to the childish behavior.

With fellow classmates mentioning those comments it gets other students riled up and ready to start something that shouldn’t be happening on school property. Actions like fighting shouldn’t be happening anywhere. 

There is no good result when it comes to fighting it only makes the situation worse. The only result is punishment. Whether it is getting injuries, suspended, jeopardizing your future education or possibly having the police involved with the potential of something being on your record forever.  

 By the end of the day the student will no longer be allowed to attend school for a period of time along with a police report being written up about the actions that took place. Also, if the fight is so severe the student might be facing a lawsuit and hospital bills for the harm they did to the other person.   

School fights are a silly thing. Students everyday need to think about the consequents that follow these kinds of actions. If students would settle things like an adult and think before they act, school fights wouldn’t be happening.